Starsky & Hutch reviews positive but not fantastic

I made no secrets about the fact that I love Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson together. Even if the reviewers were saying the film was horrible I’d still go see it opening day. That being said, the critics are basically giving Starsky & Hutch the proverbial thumbs up, with a few exceptions.

“The key to the film’s success is that it uses the burned out premise as the springboard for a comedy, not an action flick.”
— James Berardinelli, REELVIEWS

“Phillips, who started out making creepy (and funny) documentaries, has become a canny repackager of yesterday’s schlock — a mall-friendly purveyor of arrested comedy for an arrested world.”

“S&H’s chief pleasure is the spontaneous, sometimes quite touching rapport between the two stars.”

“Like most movies derived from 1960s and ’70s TV, Starsky & Hutch doesn’t possess the kind of ingenuity necessary to sustain feature length.”
— Brian Lowry, VARIETY

“Cruises along agreeably on the easy chemistry between Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.”
— Michael Rechtshaffen, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“A lot of fun from start to finish.”
— Richard Roeper, EBERT & ROEPER

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