2 hidden Hugh Jackman gems

While Hugh Jackman’s star has rocketed skyward due to his X-Men role as Wolverine, he’s done a couple of other films worth watching that haven’t received as much attention. You’ve probably heard of these films, but if the box office is any indication, you probably haven’t seen them.

The first is a little film with a great cast. Someone Like You is a predictable formulaic romantic comedy… but guess what, it works. Co-Staring Ashley Judd, Greg Kinnear, Marisa Tomei and Ellen Barkin, this movie gives you a nice easy dvd for a week night that will provide you with some easy laughs. Predictably a lot of critics didn’t like it (for the reasons I mentioned earlier), but I found it to be kind of charming and VERY unassuming. It’s like the film knew it was a cheap romantic comedy, and didn’t try to pretend that it wasn’t. Kind of refreshing actually. With Judd and Jackman both around for eye candy, both sexes should be well pleased.

The second is much like the first. Kate & Leopold has much less in the cast department than Someone Like You with the exception of Meg Ryan. Still, the film seems to achieve it’s primary goal: “To give you an easy watch with some decent laughs without having to think too much”. The most complicated thing about the plot is the fact that Jackman’s character is actually from an era in the past when chivalry wasn’t dead. That’s it. You can jump in half way through the movie and catch up on what’s going on in about 5 minutes. But like I said, it’s charming, light, easy to watch and gives you a few giggles.

Rent these ones on a night you and your date are just hanging at home and eating some popcorn. And guys, if you think these films are more “chick flicks”, think of it this way: Jackman is good looking enough to probably put your girlfriend in the mood for some snuggling. That alone is worth the price of the rental. Enjoy.

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5 thoughts on “2 hidden Hugh Jackman gems

  1. i’ve seen that nude pic of hugh jackman and it’s very strange considering he doesn’t have a movie called “red sand”
    does someone know anything about it?

  2. I saw that IMDB does not recognize Red Sand either, but I know the movie exists. I even have a picture of HJ from the movie, but can’t find any reference to it. Perhaps it’s an obscure aussie flick that has an alternate name?

  3. Danielle,
    I’m not going to claim to know everything, but I know teh Internet Movie Database does. (http://www.imdb.com) …
    Not even they have heard of a movie called Red Sand, are you sure it’s not called something else? – If the Imdb doesn’t have it listed, it doesn’t exist.

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