Garage Days is Solid for

Garage Days is Solid for an Average Flick
Alex Proyas’ new flick “Garage Days” ain’t too shabby. Then again, it’s simply not shabby. We follow a band and their social ups and downs as they try to land gigs, shows and record deals.

I enjoyed the film, but I doubt I would watch it again just for entertainment value (except for the “Fun with Drugs” parts, which I howled at.) Mind you, Garage Days is a wicked example of a movie about a band without needing to be subject to the band playing songs over and over. It was the climax of the film when I realized that we were watching this band play for the first time.

Apparently, there are a number of things in the show that would make more sense to me if I was Austrailian (I mean, beyond the “drive on the wrong side of the road” thing). It’s got some solid laughs and some pretty awkward moments, and the characters are pretty well portrayed. However, the “pinache” that this band was missing in needing to be signed was the same pinache the film was missing that kept it from being a great film. Worth seeing once. Has it moments. Rock On.

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