King Arthur riding our way

I’ve always been a sucker for “epic” kind of movies. I’m also known for having a soft spot for fantasy films of almost any kind. It’s a rare occasion when you get the two together, so when I heard about the upcoming King Arthur movie I was instantly intrigued. Another … [Read More]

It’s coming together

Ok, we’ve got the basics put together. It’ll be another couple of days until the site looks right, but at least for now the content and comments are back up and running! Keep coming back to check our progress. Oh, did you notice on the right that we finally have … [Read More]

Julia Ormond is back on the Radar

A while ago John posted an article about Julia Ormond and how she disappeared off the radar. This very talented and attractive actress seemed destined for superstardom and she just vanished. Well the new film Iron Jawed Angels stars Julia alongside Academy Award Winner Hillary Swank. Defiant young activists take … [Read More]