Saw 2 gets a subtitle

There’s news on Saw 2 from Bloody Disgusting through Rope of Silicon today. Although not that exciting news and quite worrying when you see the alleged subtitle: Saw 2: Hacksaw Groan. Still, they carry the script update and release date: I talked with two of the producers over at Evolution … [Read More]

The Karate Kid DVD Collection

There isn’t a person out there over 25 who doesn’t immediately know what movie I’m talking about when I say “Wax on, wax off”. Oh yes Daniel San… I’m talking about The Karate Kid. The original 1984 film wasn’t just another puffy 80’s teen flick. It wasn’t exactly a comedy … [Read More]

Site updates

Quick site update everyone. We’re tidying up the site pages and finally getting all the little glitches sorted out in the site. We’ve all been too busy posting and researching (and some of us becoming famous authors) to get round to it, but we are now. So, if you find … [Read More]