Hugh Jackman Announces Wolverine 2 Villain

Ok, if you don’t want to know who the villain is in Wolverine 2, I suggest you never turn on the internet again. Its going to be in the first teaser trailer for the film anyways, but Jackman spilled during a SanDiego Comic Con interview.

ScreenRant quotes:

“I’m filming Les Miserables in February, but before that I will be filming Wolverine 2 in October. Chris McQuarrie has written a fantastic script and it should turn out really good. I’ll fight the Silver Samurai in it so that should be exciting. Most of the filming will take place in Japan.”

The Silver Samurai (character’s “real” name is Kenuichio Harada) has a long history in the Marvel Universe and should make an admirable foe for Wolverine. Harada is actually the half-brother of Wolverine’s lover Mariko Yashida and he has major issues with her relationship with Wolvie. In the comics, Wolverine is trained in the ways of the samurai by Kenuichio and Mariko’s father Shingen and eventually joins Shingen’s Clan Yashida.

I really like the brief story arc that brought Wolverine to Japan in the comics and always wished we could see a more fleshed out version of that story, so it looks like that’s what we are going to get.

At the end of X-Men Origins:Wolverine we saw a brief stinger clip of Logan in China “drinking to remember” and apparently resolves himself to learning the noble Samurai arts. This has long been suspected since the scene after the credits, and if they had anyone BUT Silver Samurai in this, I would have been very disappointed.

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  1. wolverine is a kick ass movie,, wish that theres no more leaks that will happen like the last time, and i hope soon they will make sequel on how the adamantium was pulled out from logan that made him wild

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