New Paul Trailer

Another trailer for Paul, this one is a little longer with more content to it. Sadly, this trailer kind of made me want to see the film less. I just feel like it’s one of those films that’ll be horrible or awesome but so far nothing in the trailer makes … [Read More]

Limitless Trailer

Your entire life your parents may have repeatedly told you that you weren’t using your full potential. That you could be something big, something special, that your smart you just don’t apply yourself. Well what if there was a drug that could melt away the fear of failing, and instead … [Read More]

Paul International Teaser Trailer

Synopsis: Paul is a film about two British (Simon Pegg & Nick Frost) Sci-fi enthusiasts who are taking a road-trip across the United States visiting geeky landmarks and attractions when they stumble upon an attraction of their own. A little Alien named Paul (Seth Rogan) who needs their help. I … [Read More]

The Eagle Trailer

Synopsis via Trailer Addict: Rome’s 5,000-strong Ninth Legion, under the command of Flavius Aquila, marched north carrying their treasured golden Eagle emblem. They never returned; Legion and Eagle simply vanished into the mists. Hearing a rumor that the Eagle has been seen in a tribal temple in the far north, … [Read More]

Zookeeper Teaser Trailer

Zookeeper TrailerUploaded by teasertrailer. – Classic TV and last night's shows, online. Kevin James stars in this Night in the Museum type comedy along side with Sylvester Stallone, Adam Sandler, Rosario Dawson, Donnie Wahlberg, Jon Favreau, Judd Apatow, and Joe Rogan. The film is about a pleasantly plump zookeeper who … [Read More]