New Gullivers Travels Trailer

It’s hard to make an opinion on a film like this that is clearly targeted for little kids. But, I got to say I will most likely not watch this film unless Rodney forces me to write a review on it haha. I remember liking Jack Black so much more until he let himself get out played real quick, even though I really do enjoy listening to Tenacious D.

Any how, if you are excited about this films release I hope you like the trailer.

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5 thoughts on “New Gullivers Travels Trailer

  1. Saw a 3-D version of this trailer w/Meagmind and I have to say NOTHING in this movie says 3-D you can even take off the glasses and there is absolutley NO difference, No depth , NOTHING now thats some funny shite!

  2. Jack back is an epic legend!
    I think this film looks pretty hillarious!
    I am a 13 year old film director, directing my feature film soon, Jack is one of my inspirations!

  3. I got to admit I’ve been alergic to all things Jack Black since to Blasphemy that was Year One, But this looks like silly fun that I can bring my kid to.


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