Yogi Bear Alternate Ending Clip

With the new Yogi Bear film to be released in 3 short days it seems we have been given a gift by the developers themselves, well I could only assume by the detail of the clip that its by the developers and not by some random third party fan boy.

Don’t worry for those of you who want to indulge themselves in nostalgic cinema this clip does not actually give away anything from the film or its actual ending. Instead we get a pretty hilarious clip which probably has nothing to do with the actual plot of the film.

Oh… and if you have any kids around, probably not a good parenting choice to show them this. Trust me, I showed my sisters kid and shes still crying… what a babbbyyyyyy.

EDITORS NOTE Dan said he assumed it was the developers themselves, but in reality it was a third party gag done by an effects artist named Edmund Earle. There are additional credits at the very end.

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9 thoughts on “Yogi Bear Alternate Ending Clip

  1. I hope the hollywood moguls see this and get it through their thick, non-creative, greedy heads that stupid and non-enetertaining re-makes of old movies, shows, comic books, etc is not what we need to see. Hollywood needs to start producing new,original, fresh and creative entertainment. It seems they’re to lazy to do so.

  2. Now that is a Yogi Bear movie. I actually had an emotional response to that clip. That little 3-minute clip would make a better movie that the actual movie itself.

  3. I loved this. Was it from something? Someone mentions The Assasination of Jesse James, is that it? I’ve been meaning to see that for a really long time. Might have to load it up on the ol’ Dell Streak next week!

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