Anthony Whyte

Harry Potter will be 3D

Welcome to today’s edition of Hogwarts Digest. No not really, but we will be discussing news of events surrounding Harry Potter. I may be in the minority on this site but I thoroughly enjoy the adventured of the young fellow and today’s news of a 3rd dimension has me experiencing … [Read More]

Tomar-Re’s voice actor

More casting news surrounding some of the voices for the upcoming Green Lantern movie is making it’s way online and this time it’s regarding another corps member finding his voice. Source: Hero Complex Geoffrey Rush is back in the mode of demanding teacher — but instead of a king’s speech … [Read More]

Justice League Movie wont tie-in

Surprisingly fast news is popping up online regarding the Justice League movie that was stated to be back on WB’s film schedule. Today we learn from director Zack Snyder that the referenced film for the JLA won’t tie into his Superman or Chris Nolan’s Batman. Source: Comingsoon It doesn’t [connect],” … [Read More]