Y’all Ready for Girl Power on MAX? The Girls On The Bus Premiere

The Girls On The Bus NYC Premiere MAX

Yo, lemme tell you somethin’. This past week, I had the chance to witness history (well, kinda) at the premiere of “The Girls On The Bus” on MAX. And let me just say, the hype is REAL. Now, for those of you who haven’t been glued to your phone lately, “The Girls On The Bus” follows a group of, you guessed it, women journalists covering the 2024 presidential campaign. Sounds intense, right? It is. But it’s also about ambition, sisterhood, and navigating the crazy world of politics.

What got me most hyped wasn’t just the political drama (although, let’s be real, that’s gonna be juicy). It’s the fact that this show centers on powerful women. No damsels in distress here, folks. These are women chasing their dreams, navigating a male-dominated field, and probably slaying dragons in their free time.

Let me tell you, the cast is FIRE. We’re talking about some serious heavyweights in the industry!  think fierce, funny, and ready to take names (metaphorically, of course).

But hey, don’t just take my word for it. Check out my exclusive YouTube interviews with some of the show’s amazing cast and crew (embedded below, peep those interview skills, y’all!):

Abby Phillip

This woman needs no introduction. She’s a journalistic powerhouse, and getting her insights on the show and the real-life inspiration was incredible.

Brandon Scott

Y’all know him from “The Oval,” right? Well, get ready to see him bring his A-game to a whole new political battlefield.

Christina Elmore

This talented writer and producer is the brains behind the show, and let me tell you, her vision is gonna blow you away.

Kyle Vincent Terry, Rina Mimoun, Terry Hu:

These rising stars complete the incredible ensemble cast, and trust me, you’ll be obsessed.

(Hit pause on your scroll for a second and go check out those interviews, seriously. You won’t regret it.)

Now, back to the premiere. The energy was electric! The red carpet was sizzling (seriously, someone get me the phone number of the stylist who dressed the cast,  flawless!). Everyone was buzzing about the show, and it felt like we were witnessing something special.

Let’s talk about MAX for a second, because they deserve a shoutout for bringing this gem to life. MAX has been quietly (but not-so-quietly) building a library of incredible content, and “The Girls On The Bus” feels like a game-changer. Honestly, I can’t wait for everyone to experience this show. Powerful women, political intrigue, and enough drama to make your head spin? Sign me all the way up! So, mark your calendars, people. “The Girls On The Bus” is coming to MAX soon, and trust me, you DON’T want to miss it.

(P.S. While you wait, go check out those interviews – shameless plug, I know, but hey, gotta support the hustle!)

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