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Irish Wish (2024).

Irish Wish Review: A Fantasy Filled with Love and Laughter

Irish Wish, the latest offering from director Janeen Damian, beckons us into a realm where the fantastical meets the all-too-familiar whirlwind of romantic emotions. Starring Lindsay Lohan, who has seemingly found a cozy niche with Netflix following their prior collaboration, this fantasy romantic comedy unfolds against the lush backdrop of Ireland, promising a mix of magic, mirth, and misadventures. With a script penned by Kirsten Hansen, the film aims to strike a delicate balance between the whimsical and the profound, wrapped in the comforting blanket of love stories we have come to cherish.

Lohan, returning to the genre that has cherished her, embodies Madeline “Maddie” Kelly with a palpable sense of authenticity and vulnerability. When Maddie’s heart gets shattered by the news of her lifelong love marrying her best friend, she opts for grace, diving into the bridesmaid role with a heavy heart in Ireland, the land of legends and leprechauns. The plot takes a mystical turn when Maddie, caught in a moment of desperation, voices a wish for true love, only to find herself in an alternate reality as the bride.

Ed Speleers as James Thomas and Alexander Vlahos as Paul Kennedy navigate their roles with commendable charm. Each actor presents a different love archetype that Maddie finds herself entangled with. The chemistry is palpable and occasionally sizzles, although at times it feels as though the narrative does not fully explore these dynamics to their fullest potential. Ayesha Curry, Elizabeth Tan, and the ever-elegant Jane Seymour add depth to the ensemble, bringing humor, wisdom, and a touch of sassiness that enriches the narrative fabric of Irish Wish.

The film’s captivating Irish setting showcases sprawling landscapes and quaint villages. It’s a character in its own right, offering a visual feast that elevates the film’s fairy-tale quality. The locale also integrates seamlessly with the film’s thematic elements. It underscores the idea that love, much like the Irish countryside, is wild, unpredictable, and breathtakingly beautiful.

However, Irish Wish doesn’t escape certain pitfalls common to the genre. The plot, for all its magical twists, occasionally treads into the realm of predictability. The contrived central conflict weakens the narrative’s potential for greatness. The movie lightly explores themes of self-discovery and fate, leaving a desire for a deeper exploration.

The movie’s heart and humor, however, are undeniable. Lohan shines in her role, captivating audiences with her warmth and wit. Her nuanced performance showcases her ability to anchor a film with charisma and talent. The supporting cast also delivers, providing a balanced mix of levity and gravitas that propels the story forward.

From a technical standpoint, Irish Wish benefits from Janeen Damian’s direction. It maintains a brisk pace and a light touch, ensuring that the film’s fantastical elements feel grounded in emotional truth. The soundtrack serves as an effective emotional and atmospheric complement to the on-screen action.

The film excels at depicting the complexity of love within a wish-fulfillment fantasy, without avoiding real emotions. It celebrates the idea that finding true love involves both magical and painful moments.

Irish Wish is a comforting, enjoyable addition to the romantic comedy genre. It offers escapism without straying too far from emotional authenticity. Its charm lies in its familiar tropes, heartfelt performances, and the scenic beauty of Ireland. The film is a reminder that sometimes, a little dose of magic and laughter is just what we need. Lindsay Lohan and the cast bring to life a tale as inviting as an Irish pub on a cold day. It might not offer any surprises, but its warmth and cheer are more than enough to warrant a visit.

Irish Wish Review: A Fantasy Filled with Love and Laughter
  • Acting - 7.5/10
  • Cinematography/Visual Effects - 8.5/10
  • Plot/Screenplay - 7/10
  • Setting/Theme - 7/10
  • Watchability - 8/10
  • Rewatchability - 7/10
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