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Yo movie buffs! Remember Austin Butler, the dude who absolutely crushed it as Elvis? Well, get ready to see him trade in his blue suede shoes for some grimy boots, because he’s just snagged the lead role in Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming crime thriller, “Caught Stealing.”

This ain’t your typical Hollywood fairytale. Forget singing and swiveling hips, in “Caught Stealing,” Butler ditches the glitz and glam for a dark and gritty story set in the underbelly of 1990s New York City. He plays Hank Thompson, a former baseball player whose glory days are long gone. Now, he’s just a burnt-out dude struggling to get by. But his life takes a sharp turn when he gets tangled up in a dangerous criminal underworld. Talk about a curveball, right?

Aronofsky’s Back in the Dark and Edgy Zone

If you’re familiar with director Darren Aronofsky, you know he’s not afraid to get real. We’re talking about the guy who brought us mind-benders like “Requiem for a Dream” and “Black Swan.” So, expect “Caught Stealing” to be intense, raw, and maybe even a little disturbing (in a good way, of course).

The film is based on the crime novel of the same name by Charlie Huston, and Huston himself is writing the screenplay. So, you know the story’s gonna be good. Huston’s known for his fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled writing, and with Aronofsky directing and Butler starring, “Caught Stealing” is shaping up to be a cinematic knockout.

Sony Pictures Swings for the Fences with “Caught Stealing”

Sony Pictures clearly sees the potential in this project, and they snatched up the rights to the film in a heartbeat. Sony’s got a good track record when it comes to edgy crime thrillers, so this is a perfect match. Sanford Panitch, president of Sony Pictures’ Motion Picture Group, is hyped about the film, calling it an “adrenaline-soaked roller coaster ride.” Sign us up!

From Elvis to Epic Adventures

This ain’t the only project Butler has cooking. This dude’s busy as a bee! He’s currently lighting up the screen in “Dune: Part 2,” and you can also catch him in the Apple TV+ miniseries “Masters of the Air.” But that’s not all. He’s also got roles lined up in Jeff Nichols’ “The Bikeriders” and the film adaptation of “City on Fire.” Basically, Austin Butler is Hollywood’s hottest property right now, and “Caught Stealing” is just another feather in his cap.

There’s no official release date for “Caught Stealing” yet, but with filming expected to start soon, we can probably expect to see it hit theaters sometime in 2025. So, keep an eye out for this one, because it’s bound to be a wild ride.

(Source: Variety)

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