Unleash The Action With Vidyut Jammwal In Crakk: Jeetegaa…Toh Jiyegaa!

A still from Crakk
Vidyut Jammwal and Nora Fatehi in Crakk: Jeetegaa… Toh Jiyegaa

“Aajao Maidaan Mein”, translated as “Come to the Arena”, is a challenging phrase used by many Indian men when they want a fight. Talking about action and thrill in Hindi cinema, who would better give you that other than the ultimate action hero of Bollywood, Vidyut Jammwal? This time Jammwal has coordinated with writer and director Aditya Datt to produce an exhilarating action-rush by the name “Crakk: Jeetegaa… Toh Jiyegaa”. It means “If You Win, You Live”. He stars in this extreme sports action film opposite Arjun Rampal as the antagonist. The film made its theatrical release on February 23, 2024.

What will be the outcome when Siddharth (Vidyut Jammwal) faces Dev (Arjun Rampal) who is responsible for his elder brother Nihal’s (Ankit Mohan) death? Will Siddharth be able to avenge his brother’s death or will he become another victim to the game of survival at the devastating Maidaan?

When It’s Time For Some Risky Stunts: Bollywood Presents You Action Hero Vidyut Jammwal!

Crakk: Jeetegaa… Toh Jiyegaa (2024) Official Trailer:

The Good:

Tiger Shroff or Vidyut Jammwal, who would you prefer as your ultimate action hero? The first one tries out any kind of action movie that comes his way, while the latter makes his action movies the best you have ever seen! The fact that sets the “Commando star” apart from any superstar is when any of his movies are released, there’s always a huge rush at the theaters. So, it’s obvious, the decision lies in favor of Vidyut Jammwal!

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A still from Crakk
Witness the powerful face-off between Vidyut Jammwal and Arjun Rampal at the Maidaan in Crakk

To add to it, Vidyut is the producer along with being the lead in this adrenaline-fueled action madness! In short, the name of the movie stands apt. It is a complete Crakk! You may have come across eccentric TikTokers performing daredevil stunts for views. Now imagine if those maddening stunts are a hundred times action-amplified with ferocity! That’s what you get to see in Crakk.

A still from Crakk
Amy Jackson in a still from Crakk

Crakk is indeed a highly engaging action-adventure drama that has given a new vision to the world of extreme sports. This is a fight for survival where the one who wins the game will live. Here, Siddharth (Vidyut Jammwal) takes part in the extreme sports competition not to obtain the lucrative prize money, but to avenge his brother’s death. His brother became a victim of this challenging survival sports competition organized by Dev (Arjun Rampal) and as a result, had lost his life. So, as expected, at the climax, we are sure to see a heated confrontation between Vidyut Jammwal and Arjun Rampal, the two most coveted and handsome action stars in Indian cinema.

Vidyut Jammwal with Nora Fatehi in the romantic track “Dil Jhoom” from Crakk

A still from Crakk
Vidyut Jammwal with Arjun Rampal in a still from Crakk

The X-factor of Crakk is its savage and menacing action scenes. The spectacular visuals and fierce action choreography can make you feel the action, not just view it! The quality and intensity of the visuals are similar to those in Hollywood’s action movies. And the concept looks familiar, doesn’t it? If you have seen Mortal Kombat (1995), you will come to know that the same plot has been used in Crakk. In Mortal Kombat (1995), Liu Kang took part in a fight-to-death competition and took on the villain Shang Tsung hand-to-hand to avenge his brother’s soul. However, as compared to Mortal Kombat, Crakk is an even more entertaining action drama that is coupled with emotions and feelings.

A still from Crakk

Talking about Arjun Rampal, his role as the lead villain is much shorter than the protagonist played by Jammwal, but his screen presence is massive! He is the kind of villain who can give a hero like Vidyut Jammwal an equal footing. This is a highly male-led movie and the lead actresses Nora Fatehi and Amy Jackson have little screen time. You can consider them as decorative extras who have been put in to initiate a romantic atmosphere or maybe for the sake of showcasing feminine presence in the movie.

The Bad:

I think the climax showing the face-off between Vidyut and Arjun could have been more intensified, brutal, and deadly. That would have made the climax even more impressive. Also, when you make a vengeful and raw extreme sports action movie like this, you need not put too many funky and romantic tracks in it. That’s my advice to the filmmakers.

The Verdict:

Vidyut Jammwal in action on the sets of Crakk
Vidyut Jammwal in action on the sets of Crakk

Don’t go by the storyline because Crakk will leave a memorable crack mark through its intriguing presentation. See it to believe it, but don’t use your brains too much. Besides, who would want to miss the confrontation between two of the most desirable stars in Bollywood, Vidyut Jammwal and Arjun Rampal? Talking about TRP, they both are highly underrated actors who do not participate in too many films. But whichever films they do, they give their best performances. They both have insane physiques that can leave anybody awestruck, especially women. Moreover, who cares to talk about Vidyut’s acting when it’s all raw action?

All I have to say is, if you are a fan of Vidyut Jammwal, if you want to witness the dashing comeback of Arjun Rampal, and if you want to experience an electrifying show that’s worth spending your money on, then check out “Crakk: Jeetegaa… Toh Jiyegaa” running at your nearest theaters!

Vidyut Jammwal on the sets of Crakk

Crakk poster

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nleash The Action With Vidyut Jammwal In Crakk: Jeetegaa…Toh Jiyegaa!
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