Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 – Agni Pariksha (2022): The Trial By Fire

Khuda Haafiz 2
Featuring Action Hero Vidyut Jammwal as Sameer Chaudhary in Khuda Haafiz 2

Injuries are revenged, but crimes are avenged! When the law and order fails to bring justice to the common man, it is up to him then to avenge the crimes committed upon him and his family members. Writer and director, Faruk Kabir brings a murderous sequel to the blockbuster action-thriller “Khuda Haafiz”. Titled “Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2: Agni Parkisha”, this murderous crime-thriller features Bollywood’s fierce action hero, ace martial artist and professional stuntman, Vidyut Jammwal in the lead role.


If you had gone through my narration of “Khuda Haafiz Chapter 1”, you will find it to be a rescue-based action-thriller where Vidyut Jammwal as Sameer Chaudhary invades the Middle East to save his wife Nargis (Shivaleeka Oberoi) from flesh traders. However, the story of Khuda Haafiz- Chapter 2 is different. This is a murderous tale of vengeance which involves hooliganism, kidnappings, violent sexual assault, gang wars, mass assault, random slaughters, and immense destruction to public property.

This is no fairytale. If you are not open to accept violent crime-related stories, I would advise you to stop reading. This violent crime story is for the strong-hearted only.

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Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 – Agni Pariksha (2022): The Story

Part 1: Nandini

The story opens showing Nargis in a morose state of mind. She had been through a lot! It’s been quite some time now that her husband had rescued her from the flesh traders of the Middle East, and brought her back to India. But the scars she got from the repeated brutal sexual assault at the hands of the flesh traders had left her completely broken.

Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2
Sameer comes across Nandini at his friend Rohit’s house

Nargis was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder because of her past sufferings. So, Sameer took her to the doctor. She told the doctor that she is afraid to step out of her house as the society now looks down upon her as a rape victim. The doctor advised her to forget everything and start a new life with her husband.

The next scene shows Sameer visiting his friend Rohit’s house whose brother-in-law and sister-in-law had passed away suddenly in an accident. While offering his condolences, Sameer came across a five-year-old girl child named Nandini (Riddhi Sharma) at the venue. Nandini was in fact, the daughter of Rohit’s late brother-in-law. She had been orphaned as a result of her parent’s sudden death. Rohit told his problem to Sameer that it is difficult for him to take care of his late brother’s daughter as he was yet to settle in life. He was unable to take care of the girl, and had planned to hand her over to some orphanage.

Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2
A happy family

Sameer desired for a child but due to the mental breakdown Nargis was suffering, she was not ready to conceive. So, he asked Rohit if he could take Nandi to his home for a week. Sameer liked the girl child very much. He had plans to develop a bonding between Nandini and his wife Nargis so that he could adopt her as his daughter.

When Sameer brought Nandi to his home, Nargis didn’t like her. She gave Nandini a different room to stay. Nandini was scared of Nargis’ morose behavior. It was then the doctor advised Nargis that Nandini was also a trauma patient just like her, and she should change her attitude towards her by treating her lovingly.

Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2
Sameer and Nargis legally adopt Nandini

From then onwards, Nargis and Nandi started developing an emotional bond. When a stray dog happened to attack and maul Nandini while she was playing, Nargis risked her own life to save her and got bitten on her leg by the dog. She immediately took Nandini to the hospital to provide her first aid. As the days passed, the bond between her and Nandini improved. One day, when Sameer came home, he found Nargis feeding Nandini with her own hands.

Now a week had passed by, and Sameer told his wife that Nandini had to be sent back to Rohit as a family had agreed to adopt her. To this, Nargis requested him if they could adopt Nandini instead. Sameer’s joy knew no bounds upon hearing this, and he happily agreed. So with Nandini’s consent, they pursued the necessary paperwork, and adopted her.

Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2
Nandini goes with her friend Seema for an ice cream

The essence of joy retuned to Sameer’s family. Sameer had become distant from Nargis due to her post-traumatic stress disorder but now, they started getting intimate more often.

Part 2: Nandini’s Abduction

One day, while returning from school, Nandini went to have ice cream with her friend Seema (Anushka Marchande) to a nearby ice cream stall. It was then some underage boys in a blue van arrived and started forcing Seema to get into the van with intent to kidnap her. Nandini was reluctant to let go of her friend who was in distress, so the goon kids had to take her too along with them. When the ice cream seller tried to stop them, the gang leader Bachchu (Bodhisattva Sharma) pointed a gun at him threateningly.

Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2
Bachchu arrives in a blue van to kidnap Seema

Bachchu was the grandson of a powerful landlady of that area, Sheela Thakur (Sheeba Chaddha). Using his grandmother’s power as an aid, he was able to pursue crimes openly in that area. Sameer was informed by the school teacher about his daughter’s kidnapping. He immediately rushed to the school. The news of the kidnapping of the two school girls spread like wildfire, and the police and journalists arrived at the scene.

But things took a turn for the worse. When Sameer requested the police inspector to conduct an investigation on the kidnapping of the two girls, the inspector got angry and scolded Sameer for bothering him, and asked him to leave the venue.

Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2
Bachchu and his gang take away Nandini too as she was trying to save Seema

Then Sameer caught hold of the ice cream seller who had witnessed the kidnapping, and asked him if he knew where the boys could have taken Nandini and her friend Seema. He took the ice cream seller with him in his car, and set out to find the kidnapped girls.

They reached a three-way intersection. Sameer stopped the car in the middle of the intersection. The ice cream seller pointed at the third road at the intersection which went inside a lonely lane. Sameer walked up to the lane where he came across a shop having a CCTV camera at its entrance. He requested the shop owner to show him the footage from that CCTV camera. In the footage he saw the blue van, in which Nandini and Seema were kidnapped, passing that area. The direction in which the van went was also visible in the CCTV footage. Sameer immediately diverted his car to that direction where the van had gone.

Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2
Sheeba Chaddha as the tyrant landlady Sheela Thakur in Khuda Haafiz 2

Part 3: In Search Of Nandini

Sheela Thakur’s right hand, the butcher Rashid Qasai played by Dibyendu Bhattacharya in Khuda Haafiz 2

Meanwhile, the police came to know about the blue van in which the kidnapping had taken place. It belonged to Sheela Thakur. The police inspector went to Thakur and narrated the entire case to her. The inspector, as corrupt as he was, was in fact an ally of Thakur. Upon hearing the case, Thakur called the blue van’s driver Munna and asked him about the incident. Munna told her that the two girls (Nandini and Seema) have been brutally raped by the boys after being kidnapped. As poor Nandini was only a five-year-old child, a pathetic scene showed her plight during the rape where she was bleeding profusely.

Thakur ordered her goons to put an end to the misery of the girls by killing them. Upon hearing his grandmother’s orders, Bachchu took the two girls to a nearby forest to murder them. He brutally beat up the girls and left them lying in the forest thinking that they would die. Before leaving, he burnt the blue van to erase all evidences.

Sameer and the locals search for Nandini and Seema

As Sameer reached the spot, he found the blue van burning. He recognized the vehicle and frantically tried to extinguish the fire. He and the locals started searching for Nandini and Seema in that area. After searching for some time, he came across the battered Seema and miraculously, she was still alive! However, Nandini’s condition was even worse. The two girls were rushed to the hospital.

The scene moves to the hospital where we see Seema’s brother telling Sameer that he knew who did this. Saying this, he showed Sameer the pictures of Bachchu and his grandmother Sheela Thakur. He told Sameer that Bachchu used to follow Seema wherever she went.

Nargis leaves Sameer after Nandini’s death asking him to seek vengeance

After some time, the sad news came from the doctor that they could not save Nandini, and she had succumbed to her injuries. Hearing this news, Nargis’ sorrow knew no bounds. Her adopted daughter had suffered the same plight that she had some years back. Only she could not bear the pain of her suffering, and had left this world.

The rape and murder of Nandini was broadcast across television channels which despised India as a country. They claimed that a country where such horrific crimes against women occur; should be despised. The police and politicians in India are just mere witnesses to the crimes committed by powerful gangsters and criminals.

Sameer meets Ansari and other prisoners in jail

Following this incident, Nargis left Sameer as she was unable to stay with him any longer with her trauma and grief. Before leaving, she asked him to avenge the death of Nandini, and told him that the only punishment Bachchu and his goons deserved was “Death”. She told him that she would come back to him once she gets to hear that he has killed those criminals.

Part 4: Sameer On The Prowl

Sameer gets to know from the police that the blue van was stolen from Sheela Thakur ten days before the horrendous crime had taken place. In fact, the police were lying as they were supporters of Thakur as she held political power in that area. Thakur had also erased all eyewitnesses to that crime by murdering them.

The fight endures in prison

One evening, when the police inspector was enjoying with his mistress at her home, Sameer barged into the residence and chokehold the inspector from behind. It was then the inspector received a horrendous beating from the furious Sameer. Meanwhile, the inspector’s mistress had already called the police, and they came and arrested Sameer for laying hands on a police officer. Sameer was sentenced to a few months in prison.

Meanwhile, Thakur had secretly hidden her criminal grandson Bachchu and his friends somewhere out from danger. Sameer had befriended a prisoner named Ansari during his time in prison. Ansari came to know from his sources that somebody had hired another prisoner named Jaiswal to murder Sameer in prison. He conveyed this news to Sameer and told him that if he kills Jaiswal, he and his gang members will help him avenge his daughter’s death after he is released from prison.

The fight continues between Ansari’s men and Jaiswal’s men

The very next day, Jaiswal and his gang of prisoners attacked Sameer in the prison yard. Jaiswal’s men pounced all at a time on him. A horrendous fight endured where Sameer fought dozens of men at a time. He injured Jaiswal and his men and in the process, suffered injuries himself.

Jaiswal and his men lay on the ground with Sameer growling at them. The men got up again to attack him for the second time. Suddenly, Ansari and his gang arrived at the venue and a horrific gang war endured between Jaiswal and Ansari’s prisoner gangs. After a long fight between the two gangs, Jaiswal’s men were killed by Ansari’s men and Jaiswal himself was killed by Sameer. Now, Sameer was declared the “Lion” among the prisoners, and all of them started respecting him as their lord.

Sameer kills Jaiswal during the fight

After two months, Seema came back to consciousness and revealed the names of Bachchu and his friends to the police. The news about the criminals spread through television channels and Sameer too saw this news over television in prison. He now knew who all to kill apart from Bachchu.

Meanwhile, Sheela Thakur arrived at Nargis’ residence and warned her to stop Sameer, else he would get killed at the hands of her goons. Nargis told Thakur that she has no idea how dangerous Sameer is. He had rescued her from the flesh traders, and had fought and killed hundreds of criminals in the Middle East during his quest. Thakur and her petty goons were like toothpicks in front of him.

Sameer on the prowl along with Ansari’s men to seek vengeance for the rape and murder of Nandini

Now Ansari’s secret informer brought the news of Bachchu and his friends’ hideout. Bachchu and his friends were hiding at the place of a local butcher named Rashid Qasai (Dibyendu Bhattacharya) who was Thakur’s right hand. Ansari conveyed this to Sameer and the very next day, it was time for his release from prison. Ansari told Sameer that his gang would be there to help him take vengeance. Sameer walked out of prison. He along with Seema’s brother went to the place where an entire lot of men from Ansari’s gang were waiting, and were ready to accompany him in his quest for vengeance.

The “Junoon Hai” Track in Khuda Haafiz 2

Sameer’s gang faces Rashid Qasai and his gang, where he kills Qasai

Sameer and his men attacked Rashid Qasai’s hideout where they killed several of Qasai’s men. At the end, they found Rashid Qasai, and Sameer killed him with a single blow. Now Sameer and his men reached the place where Bachchu and his criminal friends were hiding. But upon reaching there, they only found two of boys Munna and Rohan, whereas Bachchu had escaped with the others.

Sameer and his gang on the loose

Munna explained to Sameer how the rape and murder of Nandini took place. Bachchu had used a cricket bat to beat up the girls during the rape. Hearing this, Sameer lost control and pounced on Rohan. He brutally slaughtered Rohan in front of everyone watching. When Munna saw Rohan’s brutal murder right in front of his eyes, he became horrified and pleaded the ferocious Sameer to spare him. Munna offered to become an eyewitness to the crime.

Part 5: Sameer’s Vengeance

Mafia leader Kamlesh in Egypt, who was protecting his son Bachchu from Sameer

The next day, the police found the corpse of Rohan hanging from the trees. Sameer handed Munna to the police. Meanwhile, it is shown that Sheela Thakur’s son, Kamlesh was a mafia leader in Egypt. Bachchu had taken the shelter of his father Kamlesh, and was hiding in Egypt. When Sameer got this news, he decided to go to Egypt to kill Bachchu. But before going to Egypt, he located the remaining boys from Bachchu’s gang who were involved in the crime, and killed them all.

Sameer and his gang invade Kamlesh’s hideout and start their massacre

Now, only Bachchu was left. Sameer left for Egypt along with Seema’s brother and dozens of men in search of Bachchu. Sameer hired a local henchman named Michael there who knew about Kamlesh’s hideout. Michael supplied guns to Sameer and his gang. Heavily armed with dozens of men from Ansari’s gang, Sameer attacked Kamlesh’s residence. He and his men killed several of Kamlesh’s men after an immense gang war. Seeing the corpses of his men lying helter-skelter and Sameer charging like a wild rhino, Kamlesh got scared and fled from the scene along with his son Bachchu in a car.

Sameer pierces the throat of one of the boys of Bachchu’s gang

Sameer followed them and after a long car chase, was able to capture them. He murdered Bachchu right before Kamlesh’s eyes. Meanwhile, Kamlesh pointed out a gun intending to kill Sameer. But just as he was about to pull the trigger, Seema’s brother shot him dead.

Hearing the news of her son and grandson’s death, Sheela Thakur was broke. It was revealed that Thakur was a lesbian and had kept a mistress named Trishna with whom she satisfied her sexual desires. She used to forcefully have sex with Trishna without her consent, which was indeed torturous for her. This time too, upon hearing her son and her grandson’s murder by Sameer, Thakur called upon Trishna to calm herself down by having sex with her. But Trishna already had it too much. After years of facing molestation at the hands of Thakur, she could take it no more! So, while Thakur was making out with her, she took the opportunity and murdered her. That was the end of Sheela Thakur!

The car chase scene in Khuda Haafiz 2 following which Kamlesh and Bachchu’s car overturned, and Sameer captured them. Bachchu was killed by Sameer while Kamlesh was killed by Seema’s brother who accompanied him in his quest for vengeance

With his vengeance complete, Sameer returned to India. Nargis came back to him with the good news that she is pregnant. Sameer’s joy knew no bounds. The ending scene shows Sameer being declared the “Invincible Lion King” of his territory. From now on, whoever will commit any crime in that area; his fate will not be decided by the police or law, but by Sameer and his gang of armed men.

Stay tuned for my epic review of this mass massacre crime-thriller, COMING SOON!


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