Lover, Stalker, Killer Review: The Terrifying Nature of Online Dating

Lover Stalker Killer is one of the newest Netflix documentaries. It’s about a love triangle story that took a wrong turn. With many people into online dating, not only in the US but in other parts of the world as well, it’s a timely documentary that serves as a reminder for people looking for fun or love to be extremely careful with whom they let in their lives. 

Since this is a Netflix Original, you won’t find it anywhere else at the moment. But who knows? Maybe sooner or later, it will be available on streaming platforms such as Hulu, HBO Max, and even Sling TV. Here’s our take on this chilling documentary movie:


The Story 

The documentary starts with a man named Dave Kroupa, an automechanic who tells stories about his love life – how he met the love of his life, Amy Floura, but fell apart after they built a family. It was a clean separation, so he followed his family to Omaha, Nebraska. Little did he know, his life was about to change. Dave started trying online dating using a site where he was looking for casual relationships. As he said, he doesn’t want to get tied down. He was able to date two women – Liz Golyer and Cari Farver. 

Just a quick note: If you’re planning to watch this documovie, we highly recommend you having high-speed fiber internet so you can really enjoy the story and the suspense. 

Both women were single moms who had kids of their own. Liz Golyer is based in Omaha, Nebraska, while Cari Farver works in Omaha but lives in Macedonia, Iowa. Dave first met Liz on the dating site. She was Dave’s first match. At first, they hit it off strong – they had a lot of fun for a couple of weeks since Dave made it clear that he’s not looking for anything serious. 

Then, Cari Farver suddenly appeared in the picture. Cari went to Dave’s shop because she was having problems with her car. Then, they went on with their lives like normal. One day, when Dave was scrolling through the dating site, he saw Cari and checked out her profile. Much like him, Cari is also not looking for anything serious at the moment so he couldn’t help but make contact.

They had quite a few dates and Dave and Cari was having the time of their lives. It wasn’t all about sexual intimacies though – their relationship was pure. One night, Dave and Cari arrived at his house. Not long after, someone rang the doorbell – Liz Golyer. Of course, having his previous and current fling at the same house is awkward. Liz told Dave that she needed to get something from his house so he had no choice but to send Cari home. 

After that night, Cari texted Dave telling him that it’s time for the two of them to move in together. They’ve only known each other for two weeks, so he said that he’s not interested because he has been clear that he’s not looking for anything like that. That’s when Cari started texting him a lot of mean messages like she’s going to ruin his life and everyone he loved and other threats that can drive anyone crazy. After that, Cari also started sending threatening messages to Liz Golyer. Since Dave and Liz were on the same situation, they rekindled their relationship once again. 

The stalking and the blackmailing got worse as time passes by but the detectives haven’t discovered where Cari Farver really is. It has even come to a point when Cari burned Liz’s house. Thankfully, Liz and her kids weren’t there at that time but she disappeared without saying a word to Dave. Dave accepted her decision because he would do the same if he had the choice. After all, he’s blaming himself for dragging Liz and her kids to the chaos Cari brought – or so he thought.

The mystery continues as the detectives are still nowhere near solving this case. After two years and a half without any progress, two detectives took this case in attempt to solve it once again. Detectives Ryan Avis and Jim Doty started looking into the information they have to come up with something they can use.



The detectives were already suspicious of Liz, but they went the extra mile to confirm their suspicions. They checked Liz’s phone and that’s where everything started pointing to Liz. Of course, they didn’t make it obvious and played along with Liz’s plan until they found a tangible evidence that will implicate Liz of her horrendous actions. Liz was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. 


The Good and the Bad

Let’s start with the good. For us, the documentary was great. The cinematography, the sound effects, and how the story was laid out was excellent. However, there were some loopholes throughout the movie. It was an hour and a half long documovie, and for some parts, it felt like it was rushed. It could be longer to address every person’s story and help us understand more how or why did this scary instance happened. Also, it would be better if the movie was available in other streaming platforms like DISH TV, Hulu, and more. 


What’s the Verdict?

Overall, we’d rate this documovie a 7/10. It was a decent documentary but it can definitely be improved. We really appreciate the timely release of this documovie simply because it serves as an excellent reminder for those people who are in the online dating world. If you’re one of those people, make sure to always be careful and don’t let other people easily in your life – especially if you don’t know them that much. 

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