What Do We Know About the Remake of Road House?

In the age of remakes and reboots, countless classics from yesteryear are getting the modern makeover treatment. Many are expected, with iconic pictures like Ghostbusters and Halloween being prime candidates to market to today’s audiences. Others are slightly less anticipated, with the upcoming Road House remake falling into that bracket.

The original 1989 picture was hardly a mega-hit, but it did feature a legendary performance from Patrick Swayze. Amazon Studios believes that a new reimagining of the classic picture can succeed with contemporary viewers.

New Road House Could be a Smash Hit

The upcoming Road House from Doug Liman will act as a part remake, part reimagining of Rowdy Herrington’s picture. The concept is that it will stay true to its predecessor’spredecessor’s roots while involving new elements that appeal to today’s audiences. The most notable change is that Jake Gyllenhaal’s protagonist will be a former UFC middleweight fighter. This decision was clearly made based on the ever-growing popularity of the sport in the mainstream.

The UFC is incredibly marketable, and this is reflected in all its related media on a wide array of platforms. Indeed, over the last 20 years, the competition has leveraged the wider entertainment industry to appeal to a huge audience. There are now countless games based on MMA, with the EA Sports UFC series leading the way. There are even unbranded games that are trying to capitalise on the popularity of the sport, such as The Cage Underground Fight Club at SpinYoo Casino. That site is one of the top new casinos on the market thanks to its generous C$2,000 welcome offer and 100 bonus spins, which clearly taps into a contemporary audience with games like this.

Road House could easily benefit from the UFC’s exposure across various platforms. It could even lead to its own related games and spinoffs to boost its audience.

Jake Gyllenhaal Has Done Extensive Preparation for the Role

Road House will appeal to UFC fans as it will feature one of the competition’s best-known stars. Conor McGregor is set to take on his first-ever movie part, playing Jimmy Reno. Reno appeared in the original offering, with Marshall Teague previously in the role.  Along with the authenticity that McGregor will bring to the production, Gyllenhaal has done extensive preparation.


In addition to putting on a lot of muscle and improving his physique, Gyllenhaal has also shot realistic scenes in front of a live audience. One of the critical moments of the picture that has already been leaked is a scene within the octagon in which the Brokeback Mountain star takes on former UFC star Jay Hieron. Along with using a live audience, it also featured UFC president Dana White for some added authenticity.

There’s no confirmed release date for Road House yet, but it is set to be released by Amazon Studios. This means that Amazon Prime Video members will have access to it. If marketed right, it could be the start of a new franchise leading to more sequels and spinoffs.

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