FROM Season 2 Episode 7: DEEP DIVE and Reaction

FROM Season 2 Episode 7

Thank you #FROMily, we are back with another recap of our favorite Far Out show FROM. I’m your host with the most Anthony and we’re picking right up where we left off last week in the aftermath of Boyd KILLING ONE OF THE CREATURES!!! This week’s episode of FROM Season 2 Episode 7 is titled Belly of the Beast and someone at FROM has a sense of humor.

This term might sound familiar because it’s a highly quoted metaphor with its origin believed to have originated in ancient Greek mythology.

In the story of the hero Perseus, he was tasked with rescuing his future bride, Andromeda, from a sea monster known as the Kraken. To accomplish this, Perseus had to enter the “belly of the beast” and slay it from the inside. The phrase is often used metaphorically to refer to a dangerous or hostile situation or place that must be faced and overcome.

The story of Perseus and Andromeda has been retold in various forms of literature and media, including the film “Clash of the Titans.

It’s safe to say that this title is very fitting for THIS episode and we’ll get to why.

Synopsis: FROM unravels the mystery of a nightmarish town in middle America that traps all those who enter. As the unwilling residents fight to keep a sense of normalcy and search for a way out, they must also survive the threats of the surrounding forest; including the terrifying creatures that come out when the sun goes down. The series stars Harold Perrineau (Lost) leading an ensemble cast that includes Catalina Sandino Moreno (Maria Full of Grace, The Affair), Eion Bailey (Band of Brothers, Once Upon a Time), Hannah Cheramy (Under Wraps, Van Helsing), Simon Webster (Strays), Ricky He (The Good Doctor), Chloe Van Landschoot (Charity, Skin), Corteon Moore (Utopia Falls), Pegah Ghafoori (The Perfect Wedding), David Alpay (Castle Rock), Elizabeth Saunders (Clarice), Elizabeth Moy and Avery Konrad (Honor Society). New series regulars joining Season 2 include Scott McCord (East of Middle West), Nathan D. Simmons (Diggstown, This Hour Has 22 Minutes), Kaelen Ohm (Hit & Run, Eumenides Falls), Angela Moore (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Maid), AJ Simmons (Reacher) and Deborah Grover (My Next Door Nightmare, Jann).


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