Everything You Need To Know About CapCut Online Video Editor

Finding quality video editing tools across the internet is quite difficult because of the various hurdles content creators face while using them. Some video editing tools might not have the required number of templates or features editors seek. Or, many video editing tools charge users a fixed amount for using their services as required. However, CapCut online video editor is nothing like those editing tools as it offers its platform for free alongside a basket full of features like never seen before. Therefore, if you want to enhance the quality of your videos with the help of online video editing tools, then CapCut could be the right choice for you. 

Reasons behind CapCut popularity for making a video

Since the launch of the CapCut online video editor, it has grasped the attention of content creators looking for a similar application. Hence, here are a few more reasons that increase the popularity of free video editor online for making a video among content creators. 

  • Watermark-free and ad-free

The first and foremost reason for using CapCut would be the riddance from watermarking your videos from third-party applications. If your audience finds watermarks in your videos that don’t sit well with the content shown, they might not be received properly. Moreover, while using several video editing applications, several ads pop up on their own, which destroys the flow of editing that content creators like. On the other hand, CapCut doesn’t run any ads, which could create problems for the editor, unlike other platforms. 


  • Easy to use even if you are a newbie

Suppose you are not experienced in video editing tools because you are a newbie in content creation. In that case, you might face some difficulties while editing your videos using video editing tools other than Caput. Using video background remover, the user interface might give you confidence regarding the features that could be implemented in your video. You can easily learn and edit your videos efficiently as CapCut won’t take much time of yours, which other video editing tools could end up taking. 


  • Ready-made video templates for each occasion

Not all content creators produce videos of the same type. There is always some diversification in each of those videos. On such occasions, CapCut is considered an ideal option as it has ready-made video templates available. From all of those video templates, you can choose either one of them that suits the content of your video.

Features of CapCut online video editor

A lot of editing needs to be done to improve the quality of a video which CapCut could ensure with the features it has available in its application. A few of those features are mentioned in the points mentioned below.

  • Video editor: Trimmer and cropper

The video which content creators create might have a lot of unnecessary scenes or information included in them. If such type of videos is posted, then they might not be received in a good way by your audience. Hence, CapCut can seamlessly trim and crop specific parts of videos to avoid such a situation. You can easily remove and add content from your video that either doesn’t suit you well or isn’t needed in the video. 


  • Audio editing: Fading and sound effects

Without adding good audio to your video, your audience of yours might not be able to understand the message shown on it. Moreover, audio editing also helps in increasing the overall quality of videos, as certain sounds could take the breadth away from your audience.


  • Text editing: Animated text and various fonts

As a content creator, you must find a perfect balance between the text, audio, and video being shown to you. If the audiences don’t find any relevant text to the content included in your video, it might not be interesting to them. Sometimes including text which isn’t properly visible could take up unnecessary space in your video. That is why CapCut has a lot of different fonts and animated text options from which you can choose either one that is ideally visible to your viewers. 


  • Image editing: Remove backgrounds and slideshow making

Most content creators shoot their videos in front of a green screen so that later on, they can be replaced with any background of their choice. Adding a good background to your video would play a huge role because it will allow your audience to feel what is being shown in the video within their comfort place. Moreover, using CapCut, you can also make slideshows suitable for your video, as the short-form ones are the most relevant to the slideshow format. 

How to make a 1080p or 4k video using CapCut

Assuming you have learned all the features of CapCut, citing how it can improve the overall quality of your video. Here are some steps you need to have proper knowledge about so that editing videos for you through CapCut is simpler. 

  • Step 1- Choose a template or import your files

The first thing you need to do after logging inside the CapCut online video editing application is to choose the right video template for your content. Most content creators shoot videos in their raw version, which might not suit the audience’s requirements. Hence, adding some amazing-looking video templates and then importing that edited video into your files will be your first step. 


  • Step 2- Edit with built-in features and effects like text and music

Now that you have added video templates to your content, it might be time to use the features built inside the CapCut video editing tool. Trimming, cropping, adding sound effects, animated text, and removal of backgrounds are all possible for free using CapCut. Without creating a proper blend between text and music, your video would remain incomplete; hence this step is crucial for quality. 


  • Step 3- Fine tune the parameters like resolution up to 4k

Nowadays, most people prefer watching high-quality videos instead of low-quality ones. The speed of the internet has evolved at a much faster rate than anyone could have imagined. Therefore, making high-quality videos isn’t a hard task like it was previously. Using a CapCut, you can easily increase the total resolution of your video to 4k, which is considered to be the benchmark these days. 


It is not easy to find free video editing tools on the internet as most of them don’t suit well to many content creators. However, the CapCut online video editing tool has completely changed how content creators edit their videos. Here you can find all of the amazing features at absolutely no cost. 


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