The Best Moments from “Coffee Wars”

There’s nothing better than grabbing a cup of joe in the morning. That first sip is absolutely magical. It gives you energy and makes the mundane much more memorable.

In the new comedy “Coffee Wars,” available this March, the main character, a vegan barista named Jo, understands the seemingly supernatural power of coffee. 

But Jo has a problem with the way millions of people consume their morning lattes—with dairy milk. It’s her mission in life to make people understand the harm associated with dairy milk, including its negative health, social, and environmental impacts. Jo is determined to show the world the superiority of plant-based milk as she prepares to create the tastiest latte on earth—with almond milk, of course—and compete at the fictional World Barista Championship.

Before going on that exciting journey with Jo, check out some of the best moments from “Coffee Wars.”


The Opening Scene

In the opening scene of the movie, a customer comes into Jo’s coffee shop buried in her two phones and orders milk… “from a cow,” she says. This sets Jo off on an epically hilarious tirade. She points to the huge sign in her shop that says, “For ethical and planetary reasons, we do NOT serve cow’s milk… So if you want cow’s milk, BUGGER OFF!” Jo gets so worked up that she ends up pushing the customer out of her shop, telling her to go to Starbucks. The scene perfectly sets up Jo’s character: a fierce woman entrepreneur who sticks to her values. 


Making a Swan Oat Milk Latte

Jo’s rival is Rudy (Toby Sebastian, “Game of Thrones”), another insanely talented barista with a popular coffee shop. Unlike Jo, Rudy only uses dairy milk with the coffee he serves. When money is tight, Rudy helps out Jo by lending her some funds—with a stipulation. If Jo loses the World Barista Championship, Rudy gets to take her prized espresso machine as collateral. Throughout the movie, he’s the thorn in her side – but in one pivotal scene, she shows him who’s boss. He orders an oat milk latte with a swan design and expects to be let down. But when he tastes the beautifully crafted drink, he’s pleasantly surprised. It gives Jo hope that she’ll be able to win the competition, and sets the stage for a truly memorable coffee showdown.


The International Barista Competition

This is the climax of “Coffee Wars,” where we find out once and for all if plant-based milk can stand up against dairy milk. The competition seems more like the WWE than a coffee-making contest, but that’s why it’s so entertaining. During the competition, Jo finds out that someone has gotten hold of her special recipe…. 

That’s all we can tell you though. You’ll have to watch the movie and find out if Jo triumphs and convinces the judges–and the world–that plant-based milk alternatives really are better. 

So, get your favorite plant-based coffee drink, snuggle up, turn on “Coffee Wars” and prepare to laugh… a “latte.” 

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