Michael Bay has ONE CONDITION for doing a Marvel or DC movie

Michael Bay

Michael Bay is absolutely no stranger to the world of big-budget cinema. The director’s name is synonymous with Hollywood explosions and successful films. Michael Bay famously wrote and directed the Transformers film franchise into a multi-billion dollar success for Paramount Pictures. Marvel and DC are Hollywood powerhouses now and their movies attract a lot of big-name talent. Michael Bay is promoting his new movie ambulance and shares his one condition for making a superhero movie with Marvel or DC:

“It’s not that I’m not interested in Marvel,” Bay told ComicBook.com, echoing previous sentiments from 2017. “As Ridley Scott says, the most complicated thing for a director and the most fun thing for a director is to build the world. I’m not the guy to go into Lucas’ Star Wars and do Star Wars Five,” Bay said. “That’s not me. I’m not the one to come into Iron Man Seven. I’m not the one to do Batman 10. I want to do my own thing. I would love to do a superhero thing but I want to do it on my own terms and create my own world.”

This kinda sounds like what Matt Reeves requested from Warner Bros to do a Batman movie. Directors want to create their own world for the movies they make. It’s like if a chef has to prepare a meal and they would rather cook in their own kitchen rather than use someone else’s. I don’t expect Kevin Feige to allow someone to have that level of freedom with a Marvel show inside the MCU but maybe Warner Bros…

Anyway, that’s all  I have for this one.

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