Get your TV and internet services installed during the lockdown

There has been a visible change in our lifestyles this year. Everything we did outside has now shifted to our homes from our work to education, we are doing everything online. For keeping a track of everything, we need a good internet connection as offered by providers. But, the stores are not operational anymore due to the global pandemic outbreak of COVID19, so we need to get our services installed without putting ourselves at risk. You can pick the best Internet service in your general vicinity.

You can visit the online pages of top internet providers like AT&T Internet or CenturyLink Internet. Starting with Spectrum, it is the second greatest Internet Wi-Fi, Digital TV, and home phone supplier in the US and it is operational in more than 44 states. Spectrum has more than 60 million customers around the US who are satisfied and these loyal consumers are using Spectrum internet services for many years.

Signing Up for Spectrum high-speed internet: 

You can visit the spectrum customer service page online and call on spectrum phone number to sign up for the new services. Their customer service representatives are available around the clock 24/7. You can tell them that you are looking for new internet services and take down every information about different internet options that they are providing. 

What are they offering if stores are closed?

Well, once you make a call and you have all the information, the representative of Spectrum will ask you for the address where you will like to get your services installed. You just need to provide them the exact address, in their systems they are able to locate if a house needs any wiring or not. 


  • If your house needs wiring: It is true that local stores are closed, in this case, if you want to get internet services installed and your house is not wired then the representative will sign you up for a professional installation. They will send the technicians to your place who will hook up all the equipment and you will get your internet services installed. The professional installation has extra charges and it will cost you around $49 approximately. 
  • In case of a wired house: Once the representative has your address and if it is wired, they will inform you about it. They are offering self-installation kits that will be shipped to your address. This means that you will be getting a router delivered at your place, you will just need to plug it in and you will be good to go with the services. They do send a manual along with it that has all the information written on it. In case, if you face any difficulty you can always call on their customer service number and ask them for assistance and they will guide you through the process.
  • In case of an already active account: Sometimes when you move into a new place, there can be an already active account on that address. In this scenario, you need to contact the person who already had the services and ask them to cancel their already existing services so you may get new services with new promotional discounts under your own name. 
  • If you already a user and you are moving to a new place: The best way is to get new services installed if you are moving to a different place. You do have an option to transfer your services to a new address but there is an advantage to cancel your existing internet services with Spectrum and sign up for a new one. Once you sign up for new services you will be eligible to get new promotional discounts as a new customer. Avail of this opportunity to get new discounts on a new address. Since there is a policy for no contracts, you will not be paying any early termination fee and you will have a new account. Who doesn’t like discounts anyway? 


Wrapping Up, 

When you need internet services installed, you just need to make a call on Spectrum customer services and they will do the rest for you or you can choose the “live chat” option available on and ask all the questions on messages with a live representative. You will be getting all the equipment in a shipment directly to your address and the best part is that self-installation costs you way less than the professional installation. Professional installation costs you around $49 whereas, self-installation costs you around $9.99 roughly, this means that it is three times lesser than the professional installation. Moreover, if they do send a professional to set up the services, make sure that they are wearing a mask and you are wearing a mask as well to avoid any potential risk and follow all the precautions and protocols that the health professionals have given. 


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