Growth hacks to get 10,000 twitter followers

We all know how social media has changed each one of our lives since they were introduced. One of the things nearly everyone is scared about is the fear of not being recognized in the sea of millions of people in an online community. A place where nothing stands still and everyone is trying to say something every second, the question comes to mind “What do you have to do to get their attention?”.  Many people buy twitter followers $1 service from various online websites to gain attention quickly. But that can not be the only strategy, you need to implement other techniques to grow Twitter followers and likes.

Each one us wants more followers on our accounts, that we can interact with thousands of people with a simple touch. To be honest, what you tweet about online does not make much of a difference in your followers. Maybe a mere ten per cent of your total followers might be influenced by what you tweet. Talking about viral things may sometimes influence your followers, but it never makes new followers or helps to retain them despite our conception that it does. Here are some simple and effective growth hacks that you can use to get more followers on twitter, and you can expect to see results within a few weeks or months.

Optimize your profile

Just as the name implies, your twitter profile needs to look interesting and catchy. This can be done by optimizing your profile picture, writing an engaging bio that will help people know more about you briefly and also by optimizing the cover photo.

If the account on twitter is of an organisation, the profile picture should be made to comply with that, for example, it can be based on the logo of the business or its tagline. If it is a personal account, your profile picture should convey your personality and the picture should be nice. For example, you can put a picture of you or an avatar of yourself.

Your bio should tell people what you do. Among millions of people, no one has the time to scrutinize an entire profile, your bio should give them an overview of your skills and our character traits. The one thing that you can use to make your bio look good, is using the separation indicator, for example, Photographer|Event Planner|Crypto Trader.

Interact with your followers

This is a very basic piece of advice, but it can work wonders in terms of growing your follower count. How to engage with your followers? The process consists of posting content that needs their opinions and makes them comment. You need to show your followers that they are important to you, you can do this by replying to their comments. You don’t have to write volumes, sometimes just a simple thanks is enough for them to know. When you interact, this will increase engagement rate on your tweets and people will start liking your tweets. In addition, you can buy twitter likes to improve engagement rate. When you buy likes on twitter, people see good activity and hence gets attracted.

Stay active

Staying active on twitter means the number of minutes you spend each day on the platform. You must share regular posts daily, such as images, gifs or a meaningful message at some point. Refrain from posting the same type of content which makes it monotonous for your followers, go that extra mile and get them unique and engaging content that you think is interesting. This will help you gain more followers and make them stay.

Schedule your tweets

It is a key aspect to make your tweets visible to people, because without that everything will be for nothing. It has been seen that twitter has the most engagement between 9 to 10 a.m., more than 30,000 tweets are sent each second during this period. This means you would have to compete with a bigger number so you absolutely cannot afford to post content that is not up to standards. 

These are some of the easy and at the same time effective ways to grow your Twitter account, after all, it all comes down to one thing, how creative can you get?

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