Top 6 Trump’s Fails We Will Remember For A Long Time

The President of the US Donald Trump has been repeatedly spotted with the diplomatic fails and punctures during his presidency. Everybody knows he’s often acted outside of the protocol. Several times, the American President made a slip of the tongue and also made ridiculous international calls. We have compiled the most memorable incidents of the United States President Donald Trump. The current American head of state will probably never forget about these failures, as well.

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So, here is the list of the most memorable Trump flops:

1. The first lady of Poland ignores Trump’s reaching out to her

On July 6, the US President Donald Trump arrived in Poland to meet with local President Andrzej Duda. After a really friendly conversation and powerful handshakes with Duda, Trump extended the hand to the first lady of Poland, Agate Kornhauser-Dude. But she did not notice him (or pretended so) and greeted Melania Trump first. Have you seen the look on Trump’s face?

2. The US first lady refuses to take Trump’s hand

It happened during their visit to Tel Aviv, Israel. Donald and Melania Trump got off the plane and were walking along the red carpet. At some point, Trump realized that his wife was still far behind and decided to give her a hand without looking back at her. Melania apparently did not want to be treated like a child and did not give a hand to the President.

3. Trump tucked the United States Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. Here, at the summit, Donald Trump is speaking: he’s talking about everything: from the problems of the American people to the importance of trade between countries. The US Secretary of Commerce tried very hard to listen to the President, but, unfortunately, the flight from Washington was too tedious. 

4. Trump did not shake hands with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Merkel arrives at the White House. At a meeting in front of the cameras, Trump and her exchange several remarks. Both are looking in front of them. Merkel kindly hints to Trump that it is time to shake hands. Trump ignores her completely.

5. Trump didn’t understand where his limousine is. 

The President arrives at the United States Naval Aviation Base. Stepping onto the ground, he does not get into the black limousine parked right in front of him. The American leader is moving for a decent distance before he begins to realize that something went wrong. Donald Trump freezes in bewilderment until his close associates show him that the car remained standing right in front of the plane.

6. He called the president of Italy mozzarella

Despite the fact that the United States was founded only in 1776, the president spoke about the “millennial” relations of his country and Italy. 

However, Trump did not stop at this embarrassment – at some point, he made a slip of his tongue and mixed up the name of his interlocutor, the president of Italy Sergio Mattarella, calling him mozzarella (a kind of a young Italian cheese).

On this occasion, users on the Internet were divided into two camps – some trolled the President personally, and the others were amused by the reaction of the woman who had to translate what Trump said.

To conclude

US President Donald Trump has made many diplomatic punctures during the three years of his cadence.

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