Best Movie Easter Eggs Ever Created

There’s nothing like a well-constructed hidden reference in a movie or film. And better yet is the feeling of having discovered an easter egg you’re utterly convinced not too many others have. Easter eggs, not unlike their chocolaty origins, are a sweet additional treat added into our favorite movies and films for that extra bit of secret enjoyment. 

Here are some of our favorite movie easter eggs of all time. 

Captain America – Winter Soldier

This has got to be one of the best easter eggs ever created – and one that for the longest time when completely unnoticed. In the 2014 movie, the gravestone of Nick Fury depicts a seemingly ordinary Bible verse quote. But what not everyone realized, at least not right off the bat, was that the quoted scripture from the book of Ezekiel, was the same scripture quoted by Samuel L. Jackson when he played the part of hardcore hitman Jules Winnfield in the 1994 hit motion film Pulp Fiction. Interesting too is that the role of Jules Winnfield was written specially for Jackson. 

The Greatest Showman

This easter egg is subtle but absolutely brilliant. During the opening credits of the movie, we get to see a specific design – one resembling an old Victorian corner-piece decoration of white on black. The design doesn’t appear to signify anything other than decorative value at first glance, but a much closer look reveals an altogether different character also played by beloved Aussie actor Hugh Jackman – that of X-Men’s Wolverine with his claws extended as if about to get ready for the pounce. Subtle – but brilliant. 

The Birds

Save for this one’s pure entertainment value like slots online, it’s got to be one of the oldest easter eggs ever spotted. Popular film producer and director Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 movie The Birds shows Hitchcock himself leaving a pet store with two small dogs. What many people did not realist at the time, was that the two tiny pooches were in fact Hitchcock’s own dogs in real life. 

Not unlike Stan Lee’s marvellous random appearances in the Marvel movies, Hitchcock famously made 39 small cameo appearances as himself in a total of 52 movies produced and directed by the creative genius. 

Catch Me If You Can

One of the best films ever made, Catch Me If You Can tells the true story of the notorious government defrauder Frank Abagnale. The famous but strangely beloved scam artist defrauded the US government out of millions of dollars. 

When the actor playing Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) is arrested in the movie, one of the police officers involved in the making of the arrest is none other than the real Frank Abagnale himself – putting in an easter egg appearance!

Fight Club

Fight Club features a very special easter egg indeed, and one particularly enjoyed by coffee lovers who manage to spot it. There is a coffee up in every scene of the movie – that’s right, every single scene in Fight Club features a Starbucks coffee cup! The true beauty of the irony isn’t lost on those who know that Fight Club is a movie famous for having rejected corporate branding. 


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