Why Colleges Should Incorporate Movies in Classrooms

For a long time, movies have been a means of entertainment. However, there is a changing narrative with research showing the relevance of films in the learning process of students. Through films, it has demonstrated high retention of knowledge compared to reading through significant texts, books, and journals. Students who buy argumentative essay and watch films to learn instead of writing always make more progress than the others.

Many parents doubt the efficacy of watching films in the classroom, given the addiction of students to movies already. However, it does not necessarily mean students are catching up on the latest Blockbuster release straight from the box office.

Standard Classroom Learning Experience in College

The standard classroom learning process includes the exchange of knowledge and information between the instructor and students. After that, the student reads the content a couple of times and after understanding it and retains the experience. In reality, in college, what we learn goes from one ear and exits the other.

According to the latest research, in case nothing new is done with the information given at hand, students end up forgetting 50% of all content learned. Within 24 hours, the knowledge retention will be at 70%, and this grows to 90% within a week.

Given the nature of college with different information from different subjects, it takes a toll on the mind of the student. The brain becomes selective of the information it retains, and this ends up deleting other information.

What can we do to increase the memory retention of students, therefore? It calls for more than the standard classroom learning experience of reading a textbook or paying passive attention to instructors. It remains essential for a large chunk of the learning process in the classroom to involve reading and listening.

However, it should be through different techniques for cementing new information into the minds of the students. Through movies, it presents a unique learning niche that captures the attention and memory retention of students.

What Do Students Gain from Watching Movies in Class?

Many benefits relate to taking your students through a learning course by watching a film in class. Here are ways you will benefit from the technique:

  • Breaking monotony

Do your students take naps when you are presenting those long abstract ideas from your textbook? Well, you cannot blame the students since the brain has a short attention span. With the daily routine, it makes the teaching experience a bit boring. However, when you bring a projector in class, you are bound to catch the attention of the class. This makes it easier for students to focus on your presentation entirely.

  • Increasing memory performance

A common technique used to increase memory performance is through repetition. Most students will end up dozing off when an instructor chooses to repeat the lesson to improve the grasp of the course content. Imagine watching a history film with students without having to explain all the occurrences?

  • Deepening understanding

The films will not replace reading and teaching, how it will reinforce both techniques. The use of a single method of education does not deepen the understanding of the students towards the course content. Through movies, it makes it easier to understand different concepts to the students. The technique engages all the senses of the student for a broader understanding.

  • A fun way of learning

Who can turn down the chance of watching their course content in practice to reading it on the text? For breaking the monotony of the traditional classroom setting, the movie watching ensures it brings fun to the classroom experience. The addition of films creates an increase in the interest of the students that further increases the motivation towards the course content. This way, you can engage students with the course information easily and effectively.

  • Creating awareness

Any essay writer will confirm that the main point is to put your message understandably. With movies, it presents the same case since the film bases on a script in essay form. Through the film, it reinforces different aspects of social issues that students relate to. Some of the societal issues, which address the course content, are part of the movie. This includes economic, cultural, and social issues.

The Bottom Line

The classroom setting is an integral part of the students learning process. The learning process should not be static but conform to the changes in the current world. Spice up the classroom setting by trying a film-watching experience that increases the interest and attention of students. Apart from obvious educational benefits, films are a fun way of learning.

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