Films That Increased the Popularity of Online Dating

Films have had a massive influence on the popularity of online dating, and we have a look at the best ones that have made an impact on the dating scene. 

Popular Films for Online Dating 


You’ll be surprised by how incredibly influential online dating became when some key films hit the scene. Although online dating started in the 90s, it has taken some time for it to become the powerhouse that it is today. This site shared a collection of films that have greatly influenced the popularization of online dating. We take a look at some of these films and discuss the effect they had on the general population’s perception of online dating. 


You’ve Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail is a classic film with such a great casting list. The witty e-mails sent back and forth between Tom Hank’s character (Joe) and Meg Ryan (Kathleen). The film centers a lot around these e-mails and shows the power of an online presence when finding love. Especially when Kathleen realizes that Joe is the guy she has been speaking to, it is a beautiful and heart wrenching scene. 


One of the greatest impacts this film had was to show how human and intimate interacting with one another online can be. Kathleen and Joe build such a strong connection and bond online purely through their e-mails. They only accidentally bumped into each other – and didn’t realize who each other were – after having sent these e-mails to one another. They could be genuine with each other and showed the population the power of intimate connections online. 

Because I Said So

Because I Said So had a massive effect on the population’s perception of online dating as it presented the real possibility that your family don’t always get things right. Daphne (Diane Keaton) thought she found the perfect man (Jason) online for her daughter Milly (Mandy Moore) and thought Johnny was no good. However, it is Johnny that Milly ends-up going for. This film showed how, even with online dating, you have to make your own way and that those closest to you interfering isn’t always for the best.


If any film is going to show that distance is nothing when looking for a partner, then Eurotrip showed that to the world. Scotty has been in constant connection with Mieke – who he always assumed was a guy – for a while but when finding out she is a girl he wants to meet her. He travels to Berlin, finds out she has gone to Italy and follows her there to meet after she blocked him. 


The plot is rather convoluted, but once again people have found each other online. Eurotrip shows that you can even make a connection with someone thousands of miles away from you and that distance shouldn’t hinder what you possibly have together. 


SEX DRIVE has a similar plot regarding the road trip to find someone online as Eurotrip. Ian meets a girl online named Ms. Tasty and goes on a road trip with his friends Lance and Felicia to meet her. Ultimately, Ian realizes his feelings for Felicia, but this is another great film that really showed the scope of online dating. Many of these films really began to hammer home the scope of online dating and the variety of people you can meet online.

Must Love Dogs 

After a divorce, Sarah Nolan is told by her friends that she needs to date more. One of her friends sets-up a profile for her with the pre-requisite that they ‘must love dogs’. Sarah goes on a few tragic dates – which definitely showed the not-so-fun side of dating – but eventually meets Jake. Their relationship is incredibly rocky but eventually end-up together. 


This film showed that although you’re going to go through rough patches and meet people, they don’t seem right for you at all, that doesn’t mean online dating isn’t great. The right person is waiting for you online and it is just a matter of time.  



All these films have added to the positive representation of online dating and have influenced how people view the platform overall. They are all fantastic films and if you feel in the mood to connect with some dating films before jumping onto online platforms yourself, then give these ones a shot.

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