Surprising Ways Sex Affects Your Health

Sex is a physical activity done for human procreation and an intimate action done to increase bond in a human relationship. It has several benefits that affect not just intimacy and emotion but your physical health as well. Not a lot of people know this but it is also helpful to your health. Here some of the surprising ways how:

Enhances mood

Having sex is a natural mood enhancer not only because of the feelings of pleasure but also because of the physiological reaction that happens within your body. It triggers the happy hormones in your brains that cause mood improvement making people feel happier and feeling in love. It also elevates mood by lowering stress levels, relaxing the body and relieving it of some physical tension.

Strengthens the immune system

In order to function and perform important activities in life, we have to ensure that our body is in optimal health. Activities, including sex, are maintained through a good lifestyle and diet. Health experts from Viasil say that we can improve some of the most important bodily processes and regulations by increasing the consumption of citrus and other herbs. These, in return, amps the body for better performance and a stronger immune system. It’s a very productive cycle. A vigorous and active sex life then is a reflection of a healthy body. To add, studies show that people who have sex more rarely get sick.

Induces better sleep

We have discussed that sex releases good hormones to the body and that includes one for better sleep. The sleeping aid, Prolactin, is also produced and activated after intercourse which helps you doze off better. Additionally, by leveling the body from anxiety and tension, pain and headache are relieved. You feel more relaxed which makes it easier to fall asleep.

Reduces weight

Sexual activities expend enormous energy from all the action and physical effort it requires, like a form of cardio exercise. You lose a certain amount of weight due to having sex. Calories are burned from all those sweating and heat expelled from your body. Your muscles work as your whole body moves and they continue to work for a few minutes even after the deed, just like how most exercises work. Aside from weight reduction, muscles benefit from sexual intercourse as well. Especially in women, pelvic muscles are strengthened through frequent orgasms. It is one way to tone your body and lose some pounds while in bed.

Lowers risk of cancer and heart attack

Studies suggest a strong relationship between frequent sex and reduced risk of cancer and heart attack. In old-aged women, for example, sexual satisfaction lessens the likelihood to experience high blood pressure. Increased sexual activities for men reduce the risk of prostate cancer as well. Moreover, improved blood pressure and increased heart rate are among other health benefits of sex. Again, the hormones needed to regulate these functions are produced as you reach climax.


In addition to physical and physiological benefits, sex helps in your emotional wellbeing as well. When done while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper consultation with doctors, sex might be your best bet in keeping your health at its finest.





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