Strategies by 60 seconds for binary options

Trading strategies for 60 seconds with binary options is a very popular way to earn money. Traders are attracted by high profits (at some brokers they exceed 90%), prompt results and the ability to make a large number of transactions in the shortest possible time. The size of the minimum investment makes binary options trading accessible to everyone. Let’s consider the best strategies for 60 seconds.

Trading for 60 seconds on levels

As an addition to the trend indicators, you can use such an assistant as support/resistance lines. This will allow to trade not only in the course of price movement, but also in the moments of its change.

The signal to open a position can be either a touch of the support/resistance level or a breakout. The highlight of this strategy for 60 seconds is the speed of trades, roughly speaking, this is where you can make money even on small fluctuations, because before the break level will necessarily bounce.

In the first case, we buy the option DOWN when the price is pushed away from the resistance line and starts to move down. If it touches the support level and goes up, we buy the option DOWN. If there was a break-down and the price continues to move in the original direction, the option opens in the trend.

The Stochastic indicator is very convenient for working with resistance/support levels. We buy DOWN at the moment when the lines that left the painted area descend back into it. Accordingly, the UP option is purchased when they return to the familiar area after being “on the bottom”.


Trade example

There is a channel on the USD/JPY chart and a stochastic signal that the quote will now go down:

We immediately opened a deal for 60 seconds at a reliable FiNMAX with a condition of price drop.

Head and shoulders for 60 seconds

Graphic strategies of 60 seconds are also very popular. Beginners can be recommended “Head and Shoulders”, which is successfully used by many experienced traders. It is believed that with a competent approach, it brings success in 8 out of 10 cases.

In this scheme, we see the classic “head” with “neck” and “shoulders”. The top of the left “shoulder” is formed by the maximum reached in the uptrend. When the price goes down to the “neck”, which is the support level, the trend gets a new impetus. The next, higher extremum is the “head”. Similar to the left one, the right “shoulder” is formed. Its maximum is lower than that of the “head”, approximately at the same level as that of a “colleague”.

In a descending trend, the figure is displayed mirrorwise, i.e. it is placed “head” down. In this case the “neck” is a resistance line. Breakthrough of the support level after the figure formation is a signal to buy the option DOWN. And vice versa, a break-down of the resistance level calls for buying the option DOWN.

Strategies of binary options for 60 seconds

Binary Options for 60 SecondsTrading binary options for 60 seconds has increased risks, which is not surprising given the size of the profits. The number of force majeurs is an order of magnitude higher here than on long expiry times. Minimizing such unplanned losses will help to maximize accuracy, weighting of trades and strict adherence to the chosen strategy.

Thanks to short terms and certain statistics, you can use the martingale strategy. In its own form, the strategy will not work, but if you add to this additional analysis, it will give the result.
Not an insignificant part of all strategies for 60 seconds will be the selection of the asset. For example, not the most liquid stocks can become a gold mine, because if such an asset has a trend, there will be almost no background noise. On the other hand, a liquid asset, such as the currency pair GBP / USD, the direction of the price is easier to determine due to a large set of instruments, but the trend itself, if already available, will be very strong. Ten minutes is already enough to earn 300-500% profit.

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