Review: A Star Is Born Is Simply Beautiful

A Star Is Born portrays a musician trying to help a young singer rise to fame while his own career takes a sharp downward spiral. Bradley Cooper makes his directorial debut in this remake of A Star Is Born. Lady Gaga also co-stars along with Sam Elliott, and more.

A Star Is Born Video Review:

The Good:

One of the most obvious highlights of this film is the impeccable onscreen chemistry that both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga share. Their performances appeared to be so natural that one could easily mistake it to be that of improvisation. Both actors were able to share the screen in such a way that neither negates the other’s presence. Instead they equally elevate each other to the point that when one is not on screen, you may end up feeling the other’s absence on screen.  I really loved how both characters were able to be juxtaposed with each in such a way to tell both of their stories simultaneously.  Nevertheless, they both gave great performances in their own right too, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if both Cooper and Gaga are nominated for Best Actor/Actress awards.

Bradley Cooper was superb in this film. His character was very relatable and I would say compel you to have some level of empathy and sympathy for him. Through his portrayal the country singer, “Jackson”, Cooper exhibits both the internal demons his character struggles with, and the effects of those struggles too. He’ll draw you so into the film with his acting that even at a climatic point in the film, you’ll cheer for his victories and feel for his losses.

In a similar way, Lady Gaga was practically made for this role. It’s hard to say if the role was just a perfect fit for her or if she was just that good of a match, or it’s just the perfect union. Either way, I appreciated how she was able to nicely display her character’s growth contrast to  that of Cooper’s character. Her character’s development and struggle is communicated effectively through her acting. Gaga was a natural with all of it, and none of it felt generic or forced.

I don’t want to forget the supporting cast here. The biggest standout has to be Sam Elliott though. He was so incredibly effective even in the brief moments that he was in the film. When you learn about his character and his history, the smallest emotional moments towards the end of the film pay off so well.

One last thing I really enjoyed about A Star Is Born was just how effective it was to hit you right in the feels. Given all of the ups and downs that we see with the characters, you get to a point where you feel like you really know them. I think part of that credit comes with the cinematography of the film. We get some unique first-person shots where we see what the character sees, or maybe some over the should camera angles that almost gives you a “VH1 Behind The Music” documentary type of feel. With that inside look and perspective, it really helps in connecting audiences directly to the characters’ situations and become emotionally invested as well.

The Bad:

The only knock I’d have against this film is that it does feel pretty long. It’s 2 hrs and 15 mins, and given the heavy drama throughout the film, you feel those full two hours. However, this is a trade-off because the movie makes up for that time with some good emotional payoffs. So take that however you will.

The Verdict:

A Star Is Born is such a beautiful movie. I’d be lying to you if I said my eyes didn’t get a little sweaty after watching this. I’ll admit that I was a bit apprehensive with this film because I’m not a big fan of country music. However, none of that mattered since the music was actually pretty good, and the drama was well executed. A Star Is Born does exactly what we want movies to do, and that is to take us on that emotional ride. Doesn’t matter if that ride is full of laughter or tears, as long as we have a good experience along the way. This film delivers that and then some. Definitely feel free to go check out A Star is Born when you have the chance.

Genre:  Drama, Music, Romance
Director: Bradley Cooper
Writers: Eric Roth, Bradley Cooper
Stars: Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliott

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