5 Science movies that will give you a motivation to Study

The school year has just begun, and it is a challenge to forget about those great summer days: hanging out with your friends, engaging in your favorite hobbies and simply having a lot of free time. However, such long summer holidays could demotivate students to study. In today’s post, we are going to walk you through a selection of motivational movies for students, which are not only highly entertaining but most importantly, they will inspire you to study hard in school.

Dead Poets Society

In this film, Robin Williams plays the role of John Keating, who is an English teacher with an unusual approach to teaching. He skillfully uses the love of poetry and classical literature to break all the barriers in the rather strict Welton Academy. Keating inspires his students and forces them to break the rules in search of themselves.

Unlike most ‘inspirational movies,’ this one evokes a lot of emotion from the viewer, and there is one scene that will truly give you thrills. It is the scene when Keating explains to the students what his role as a teacher is and recites the “Oh, Captain, My Captain …” poem by Walt Whitman.

It was Keating who opened the eyes of many students and made them think about their own lives. Keating has shown to everyone that every human is a person and that one should not be afraid to express oneself while still being attentive to others. He taught his students not to be afraid to prove a different point of view about the world around; he explained that not from realism but from fantasy, dreams, verses, one could and should draw inspiration. And the students, knowing the side of the real world, the side of deep feelings, poetry and art, learned that the world in which they lived before was boring, and they wished to look at things through a much wider prism.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness is among the best educational movies telling an amazing tale of the real life of Chris Gardner, who at the cost of hard work and perseverance transitions from being a homeless person sleeping in the metro toilet, to becoming the millionaire founder of a brokerage office.

Never missing opportunities and gaining invaluable experience despite the difficulties that accompanied him for several years, Chris climbed the career ladder from a medical equipment seller to an experienced professional. If there is an example in the world that teaches never to give up regardless of the circumstances, it’s Chris’s story.

Stand and Deliver

This is another inspiring movie, which is based on real events telling the story of Jamie Escalante. He leaves his job and becomes a Maths teacher at a school with a dubious reputation. However, the educational institution is more like a kingdom of savagery and anarchy. However, during two school years, Escalante turns unruly teens into diligent students. One of the significant merits of a teacher is that children manage to successfully take a test of increased complexity.

The movie shows that your academic performance does not depend on the origin, family circumstances or other problems. This story demonstrates that the opportunities open to all, and it does not matter if, at the moment, success seems unattainable to you.

Therefore, the next time you feel that the classes are extremely tiring and you do not find enough strength to study, spare a couple of hours to watch one of this movie, and perhaps they will remind you of your priorities. Alternatively, you can get custom assignment help online. This option works just as fine.

School of Rock

In this film, restless Jack Black plays a scandalous musician who, with the help of breakthrough interview methods, Led Zeppelin tunes, crazy love for music and ridiculous improvisations, decides to start a band of real rock stars.

Although the movie was never going to win the Oscar race, it is a fantastic and unusual example of how education can really inspire positive changes among the most diverse and far from creative people.

Watch this movie and see how Jack Black conducts pedagogical work, applying the power of the song.

Freedom Writers

The movie tells a truthful and inspiring story based on the success of teacher Erin Grouvell, who, with the help of a unique style of teaching, helped the troubled students to achieve incredible academic performance.

It is Hilary Swank who plays Erin, a woman with striking determination, pressure and a passion for education. Having watched this movie, you will see how much these qualities influenced the students and helped them become great members of society.

Be sure to watch the studying inspiration scene where Miguel reads aloud an excerpt from the diary, demonstrating the power of education.


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