There’s a Black Superman…suit

Made you look! Ha, ha. No way does WB have any interest in pursuing an African-American Superman in any cinematic setting, rather, Henry Cavill will be donning a black suit in his appearance in the Justice League film. Check out what they allowed him to share on social media:


A photo posted by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on

There’s also a chance that this has nothing to do with Superman’s costume. Sure, it’s consistent with the Kryptonian fabric texture that we’ve seen in the past but I’d like to keep the door open to the possibility of it being something else Kryptonian altogether. How about a door? I remember them utilizing symbols all over Zod’s Kryptonian ship in addition to their wardrobe. Why can’t Kal-El finally get his fortress in order?

Or better yet, maybe we’ll get the return of Superman’s badass dad:


Commence speculation.



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