Benedict Cumberbatch makes a great looking Doctor Strange

In a role that is possibly more appropriate for Johnny Depp or even Robert Downey Jr. comes along Benedict Cumberbatch in full Doctor Strange garb ahead of the films release. EW showcases the good doctor on the cover and gives the best look at what Marvel has planned for Doctor Strange’s look in the Marvel cinematic Universe.

I am really digging this look and I have to admit that I’m pleasantly surprised at how good Cumberbatch looks in the role. I’ve been pretty skeptical of Cumberbatch in just about anything since Star Trek Into Crappy (which wasn’t really his fault) and have just been sour about seeing him in anything ever since. I really may have to change my outlook on Cumberbatch with his scene stealing moment in the upcoming Zoolander sequel and with his downright handsome grays in this image.

Seriously can’t wait to see more but so far that’s a damn good first impression.

[Rama’s Screen]



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