Get Hard Movie Review

GETH_1Sheet_LRDirector: Etan Cohen

Writers: Adam McKay, Jay Martel, and Ian Roberts

Starring: Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, and no one else matters


I shouldn’t even call this a review. It’s more like an rant, but I’m gonna keep it professional. Don’t see this movie, plain and simple. I was going to dance around the topic and make it look pretty, but I felt it was my civic duty to give it to you straight. This is especially hard for me to say because when the trailer came out, I praised this movie, and I thought it was Will Ferrell’s triumphant return. Then, I watched the movie and had my dream kicked in the nut sack crushed.



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Synopsis: Get Hard settles on a sub-level premise about a rich white man(Will Ferrell) going to prison for stealing money from other rich white men. Fearing for his life and butt-hole (they’ll never let you forget that part), he hires the black man (Kevin Hart), who washes his car, to teach him how to survive prison life or “Get Hard”, if you will.


I don’t want to give you the impression that ‘Get Hard’ was all bad, because there was some good aspects but for all intents and purposes, this movie review should had written itself rather than make me do it. Heck, it should have been a completely different review, but no, that’s not happening either. There are two good scenes that touch upon how some races perceive other races, but in a cleaver way, that are pretty memorable. Also, the chemistry between the cast was great and you can tell that Ferrell and Hart are really good friends off-screen which helps their performances on-screen. It didn’t save the movie, but definitely helped. Ummm, there were some jokes that made me laugh about four or five times.




What this movie suffered from is really shitty poor writing and excessive ad-lib and improv. This is a big problem that’s growing in comedy which needs too be addressed. Ad-lib’ing is not a reliable source of comedy, it never has, it never will be. Not to say there’s no exception to the rule, but for the most part, it shows laziness and lack of confidence in your own material! The stick of Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart is running dry to say the least. Ferrell can only play two roles: cocky and dumb or cocky and a jerk – that’s it. Kevin Hart only has one role: being a loud mouth, witty punk. I have a theory. After a certain age, comedians just stop being funny. They lose the ability to connect with the audience. We have seen it happened to Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Vince Vaughn, and now, Will Ferrell. The bottom line is unless you are on some type of narcotics, don’t waste your hard-earned money. Wait, until it airs on prime time. And, even then, watch at your own risk.


Get Hard-4.2 out of 10

Just sad, so much potential

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