Interview: Actor Glenn Keogh Emerges in Transformers Age of Extinction


Transformers: Age of Extinction is breaking bank in theaters worldwide. The highly anticipated fourth installment of the Michael Bay directed Transformer films is one of this summers biggest blockbusters. Making his major motion picture debut in Transformers is Irish/Australian actor Glenn Keogh. You might have seen Glenn previously on television on Days of Our Lives, Sons of Anarchy, or the hit new series Ray Donovan. I recently spoke to Glenn about his potential big break that was Transformers.


Jim: Just wanted to thank you for taking the time out from your busy day promoting the new Transformers movie. So how is the press junket experience going so far?


Glenn:  There is great interest in Transformers, being from Ireland and living in Australia for many years, I’m getting calls at all hours of the night. It’s tough to juggle it all. It will take it up a notch tonight with the premiere, should be a crazy night, hopefully (laughs).


Jim: Is this the first big premiere you will be attending?


Glenn:  Yes, it is, it is for me. I have a role in the movie, so it’s pretty exciting. It’s the Big Apple!


Jim: Speaking of the role, how did you get involved in the film, how did the role come about?


Glenn:  You know, being a working actor I’m still on the audition circuit. I read a couple times for this particular casting director. I read for for it and waited a week or two and was on a short list. Then it finally was confirmed. I shot it a couple months later in Chicago.


Jim: Nice, that’s where I’m based..Chicago.


Glenn:  Yea, we shot in the quoit, 30 or 40 minutes outside Chicago. It started in late April, pre-production, went through late November. I was actually involved as late as two weeks ago, some additional stuff to polish up. It was pedal to the metal till the release date from what I understand. I’m hearing from some people in Australia where is screened a few days ago that it’s fantastic.


Jim: The storyline is different for this one, enter Mark Wahlberg. Tell me a bit about your role?


Glenn:  I play a geologist/foreman that makes a pretty significant discovery early on in the movie. It’s very pivotal, not a huge role by any stretch of imagination but pretty pivotal to the film. I didn’t get to work with Mark or any of the main cast in there. Yet, it was an interesting fun role.


Jim: Did you get a chance to work with Michael Bay or was it the assistant directors?


Glenn:  Yeah, Michael filmed everything. Working with Michael, he’s fantastic. Incredible energy. It’s the top direction I’ve got. You listen, you get it done, it’s a bit of a collaboration. It was fantastic, a great experience. Hope I get that chance again. He’s a genius, the stuff that comes up in his mind is incredible and creative.


Jim: How do you think a role like this one will affect your career, is this something you think will propel you going forward?


Glenn:  It’s hard to say mate, you never know. If anything it’s going to put me out there in the shop window. To get a major motion picture, I’m hoping it helps me. Hopefully they get to see it in Ireland. I’m from there, but worked in Australia. Maybe it will put me on the map out there. You just never know, it’s a big movie people are going to see it, people in the industry. I’m just enjoying the experience, enjoying the occasion, hope it comes around again. It’s been a busy period for me. Someone asked me the other days, what is it that you are hoping to do? What’s the end game? For me it’s working regularly. One job…acting.  Getting to work on TV, working with series regulars, they are just blessed to be working regularly. There is no better job to work in the world than when you are working regularly. It’s a tough grind, when you aren’t working. End game for me is enjoying the process and just working to build a career.


Jim: You mentioned Australia and Ireland, how did you get started in the business?


Glenn:  Believe it or not mate, I’m a qualified CPA. I went to college in Ireland.  Went to school to become an accountant. Worked the practice for a couple years, was bored out of my brain. Realized it wasn’t for me, so I switched to technology. Doing some software work, then when I moved to Australia I worked for Microsoft solutions, that was high end financial software. While down in Australia I was playing soccer, which is something I’ve done all my life. Blew out my knee, and was told to chose a different outlet. I was in my late 20’s and I thought what I wanted to do. I wanted to do theater, I loved to perform. I joined a college in Brisbane. Went to a conservatory for a year, a workshop, doing comedy sketches. I won a green card in the lottery for the USA. It was a golden ticket. I had six months to use it or lose it, so it was a quick decision to go to the US. I moved to LA seven years ago to give acting a try. I started working on some shows. Most people go to an acting college then come out to work, I had a corporate background which kinda makes me appreciate it a little more. Acting to me is a creative outlet. I’ve been acting for 10 years, and selling for 10 years.


Jim:  It makes you appreciate the journey and going through it. People tend to take all that for granted.


Glenn:  Oh yes, a lot of people back home and in Los Angeles do tell me that you can change your career and do what you want to do. Get some qualification behind you so that you can work and follow the passion, so that you don’t rely on acting for income. Fortunately I haven’t been in a bad position thinking of a paycheck rather than a performance. I appreciate it and enjoy it.


glenn k


Jim: I was reading the bio on you Glenn, and noticed you are working on a project called H.E.R.O. it’s struck me as interesting, can tell me more about it?


Glenn:  Yes, H.E.R.O. I got involved a couple years ago, a friend of mine a very fine British actor who I worked with on Sons of Anarchy. He has a business that builds domes in Haiti. A dome provides a home for an average family for an average of $5,000. It’s fire proof, water proof, and earthquake proof. I had went about with the corporate connections I had to donate a significant portion for the first build. So Dan had went down to build an orphanage and education center for parents on how to raise their children. People don’t realize that there are tens of thousands of kids without a home. Haiti is only an hour or so off the coast of USA. We started with an educational center, and the plan is to go down there again and get a large organization to build another seven buildings down there around the educational center to house the children. I’m hoping that this role will raise awareness for Haiti H.E.R.O program. It’s a fantastic cause. Got to get back to fundraising, that’s the plan.


Jim:  Any upcoming projects that you are working on, now that Transformers has wrapped?


Glenn:  Yes, yeah there is a few that I shot that will be coming out later this year. One is Ray Donovan. I had a fun day shooting with Eddie Marsan, one of the lead characters besides Liev Schriber, it should be released in September. I also had a recurring role on Days of Our Lives on NBC, since October of last year. I play a monk in a monastery who was advising one of the series regulars who is a priest who had slept with woman and was sent to my monastery for advice. I’ve got a few more episodes of that to shoot in August. I also shot a pilot for CBS called Scorpion, which airs in September. I’m certain that should be a big hit. Robert Patrick is one of the leads, and I know CBS invested a lot in the projects. It’s about genius kids. I play the father of the lead character named Walter. I’m hoping something happens of it. I also produced a TV show, which is a drama with comedic elements. We are at a pitching stage right now.


Jim: Wow, so aside from acting you are getting involved with different aspects of the business?


Glenn:  Yeah mate, you have to create. Can’t wait for something to happen. A writer friend of mine came up with the project, I thought it was hilarious. We have been putting it together over the past few months. Look, it’s only the first project, the first of many I hope. It’s an extraordinary experience to get involved with something from the start and see it through.


Jim: On a final note Glenn, obviously being a former soccer player, gotta ask you your thoughts on the World Cup craziness?


Glenn:  Funny you say craziness mate, I’ve got a great sense of interest. I played soccer all my life. Unfortunately Ireland isn’t involved. It’s been great, and fantastic. I’m a Liverpool supporter, they have a strong contingent on the English team. I just hear about the news yesterday of Luis Suarez. Which absolutely shocked me and broke my heart. I saw Suarez play back in the U.K. around Christmas time. He’s a legend in Liverpool. He just redeemed himself from his previous discrepancies, he’s a pleasure to watch on the field. I just shake my head, they will come down hard on the guy, don’t know how it will affect his club career. We need him. I think it might be the Dutch or Germans, too much pressure on the Brazilians. I’d love to see the Brazilians win it, however I just think the Dutch and Germans have too much quality on the day. It’s been great. It’s a world game and it’s getting batter. Hey the US is still in it, so hopefully it increases the awareness here in the US, there will be some good parties here for the next couple weeks. Once I get back to LA, I’ll track them down.


Jim: Well I appreciate your time and know you have a premiere to catch later tonight.


Glenn:  You have to take advantage of every opportunity that you get. Enjoy the movie mate, I hear it’s fantastic. I’m looking forward to seeing it. I have seen my footage, but I haven’t seen the finished project. Looking forward to seeing that tonight. Going to have a couple beers to celebrate it with Jack Reynor who is a good friend of mine. He’s an Irish guy and one of the leads that plays Nicola Peltz’s boyfriend in the movie. We are celebrating tonight. Fantastic break for him, he’s a terrific guy, an absolute star in the making mark my word, star in the making. Appreciate your time. Have a great day Jim.



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