Iron Man 3 undiscovered poster


I discovered this undiscovered poster, (not really), while browsing the INTERNET. Who know such wonders were buried beneath all that porn? Anyway, this poster was captured the old fashioned way and uploaded to the internet cus neither Marvel nor Disney saw fit to release for us bloggers and instead just for theaters. Jerks. Check out the recently discovered poster:



That’s a lot of armors flying in the back and maintains the notion that we’re gonna see a LOT of Iron Man in this third film, but what is that in the background? Why is Iron Man standing on what appears to be debris in the middle of the ocean? And WHAT THE HELL IS THAT IN THE BACKGROUND? It looks like a massive construct of some sort…


thanks to commentor stinkensben, we have a proper image:



Geniuses, get in here and comment with insight!!


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