Two new posters for Oblivion with both Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman

Two new posters for Oblivion surfaced today. They’re nothing more than character shots, but I really do like what’s being presented more and more with this film. I’m finding that Cruise is choosing his roles very carefully lately, given his age and just moving forward. This movie and his upcoming film All You Need is Kill (2014) are definitely on my radar. Oblivion is shaping nicely as little things like M83 providing the score also continue to peak my personal interest. It’ll be director Joseph Kosinski’s second film since Tron: Legacy (2010) and I’ve already seen enough visually from Oblivion that I find enticing given his architectural background.

Check out the posters below, the film releases one week early on April 12 in IMAX and then April 19 worldwide.

The plot summary is as follows, if you haven’t read it yet:

“In 2073, a 37 year-old former-Marine Commander Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) is one of the last few drone repairmen stationed at an Earth nearly destroyed by an alien invasion 60 years ago. As part of a massive operation to extract the planet’s remaining vital resources, he lives in an airborne “town” floating thousands of feet above the Earth.

His mission nearly complete, Jack’s soaring existence comes crashing down when he rescues a 22 year-old female stranger from a downed spacecraft. Her arrival triggers a series of events that forces Jack to question everything he knows about the war and its aftermath. In addition, after being captured by an insurgency led by 102 year-old Malcolm Beech (Morgan Freeman), Jack is told that the society in which he lives may in fact be a police state.”

Sources: Neogaf, Wikipedia

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