New Ghost Rider TV spot makes it look cool

Ghost Rider has a funny rap on the internet. The first movie was downright awful but somehow also endearing. It came and went with a whimper so when a sequel was announced for the film most of the internet released a collective “meh”. Fast forward a comic con or two and the film has been releasing footage in anticipation of its release and even a TV spot.

Via: Geek Tyrant

I like this. It has that frantic cinematography that Nevildine and Taylor are known to deliver and gives us a much grittier tone and look for the character than we saw in the “horrible but somehow fun to watch” 2007 flick. He just looks “dirty” and hellish and the new direction in art style does wonders for the character. I also like that they even managed to relate that the Ghost Rider is, in most senses, a boogeyman. Am I the only one digging this new direction, or do you think it’s a dud in the making?

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