New photo’s for Spike Lee’s ‘Red Hook Summer’

Guess who’s back? Spike Lee is and he’s made his way back to brooklyn to create a new film and even reprise Mookie from ‘Do The Right Thing’. A few photo’s have finally appeared online along with a synopsis, so let’s take a look.

Via: Sundance

Really interesting but I have no idea what to make of these photo’s. I’m glad that they seem really urban and he’s using mostly unknowns for this movie. It’s a great little project for Lee before he begins work on ‘Old Boy’ and I’m looking forward to the return of the Mookie.

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2 thoughts on “New photo’s for Spike Lee’s ‘Red Hook Summer’

  1. The guy who plays the preacher played Lestor Freamon from The Wire he is not an unknown. He’ll forever be known as one of the best characters from the best dramatic show ever.

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