The Dark Knight Rises adds Daniel Sunjata

Ready for more casting news surrounding Chris Nolan’s 3rd Batman movie? Good. Today we learn that Grey’s Anatomy’s own Daniel Sunjata is being added to the cast.

Source: Obsessed with Film

The Tracking Board says Grey’s Anatomy, Rescue Me and Law & Order t.v. actor Daniel Sunjata will play ‘important character to the story’ but that’s all we know.

I have to admit that I’m not very familiar with his work to even begin to speculate what his role may be and if it’s somehow related to the casting of a younger Ra’s Al Ghul. I’m shocked to learn that I’ve actually seen some of the shows he’s on and the films but I just can’t remember him standing out to me. Since I’m not so smart I must call in a “lifeline” to you my international friends! Who is he and who do you think he will play?

[UPDATE]: Variety is reporting details on this role.

Sunjata will play a courageous special forces operative in the Warner Bros. sequel, which will lens in Pittsburgh this summer. Additionally, Diego Klattenhoff has been offered the part of a rookie cop who is looking to make a difference, while character actor Burn Gorman (“Layer Cake”) is also being eyed for a supporting role in the superhero pic.

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10 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises adds Daniel Sunjata

  1. Dudes probally got 4 min total screentime wearing a suit in a law office or Police station sharing a scene with Gordon or some shit.

    Do we know yet if “3rd Rock from the Sun” is playing a villan?

  2. I saw the episode of “Lie to Me” with him. He’s got that dark ‘i don’t care about anything’ kind of villainous acting style down pat. Basically he plays a criminal that knows he is a criminal, doesn’t care, and is confident enough that he can outsmart all of the cops. Whoever he is in this movie will make for a good addition to their gritty dark feel they’re trying for with the series.

  3. probably a small role. Nolan adds a lot of actors but some of them may only be on screen for a total of 5 minutes or less. The characters do play a part in moving the plot along though.

      1. I agree he was on my favorite characters on Rescue Me.

        And maybe Nolan will bring something special that we have missed cause I agree T.V. actors are usually average or play one role really well. And he will I think do well as a cop since he played a fire fighter before as well as a doctor which I did not know until just now. He can play that serving you community character well.

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