Michael Shannon talks Superman

Michael Shannon attended a convention recently and decided he was ready to discuss the tale of how he was cast as our new General Zod. I warn you, his lucidity is questionable at best.

I wish more casting stories referenced Acid. The guy seems a little out of it but genuinely funny. I really hope he gives us a decisively different take on the character of Zod than what we’ve seen in the past. I love the Zod character as much as the next guy but I’m just “done” with seeing homages to the Richard Donnor films.

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3 thoughts on “Michael Shannon talks Superman

  1. I’ve just seen this video… I don’t know if Zack Snyder made the right decision to hire this guy to play Zod. He looks like a jokey dude. At least Terence Stamp had a royalty and dignified personality in him. This guy looks like he’s buddies with Jack Black.

    1. you obviously have never seen this guy work. I love this choice, in boardwalk empire he plays his part so detached that it is almost menacing with a touch of zealotry that is what i feel are within Zod. It doesn’t have to be an exact rip of the Darwinian take that the previous Zod had. I can’t wait the castings have been great in my opinion.

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