Look at Green Lantern’s full costume

The Green Lantern costume for the movie has been something of a “work in progress” experiment since the day that they announced that it would be an all CG affair. Today let’s take a look at what a further developed CG costume looks like on actor Ryan Reynolds.

I like the Green Lantern comic book enough that I will blindly see this movie despite whatever warnings and apprehension I may have regarding some of the art direction. Good, now that that’s out of the way I want to make it perfectly clear that I hate the re-designs to the Green Lantern corps costumes. I understand what they are going for by trying to give his costume an eerie-organic-alien look. I get that. They treat the uniform as if it’s “alive” which in my mind belongs in the Spider-man universe and nowhere near this set of intergalactic police. Seriously, if this is what Hal’s costume looks like then I can only expect further mutilating redesigns with Guy Gardner’s costume when it’s time to introduce his character.

Not everything I have to say is negative. If you look closely enough you’ll notice that there’s some maturation of the costume of today and the costume we were presented with both on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and the first official teaser trailer. Hal’s costume looks a bit more “scaly” which is more in tune with the uniforms/costumes of the rest of the corps and I appreciate the effort to give more consistency between the officers. It looks like they added a few more shades of green to the costume and decided to have the “green lanterns light” more emphatically emit from the chest icon which is appreciably better than the stone wash look it had before.

Overall I have decided that I will have to concede. This is not my Green Lantern. This Green Lantern is younger, scalier, and much more alien than what I’d initially hoped to see and Green Lantern’s lantern no longer looks like a lantern and instead looks like an alien douchebag. I really hope I’m wrong about this movie and find out I’m just being paranoid because I truly do like the character. Let’s hope.

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13 thoughts on “Look at Green Lantern’s full costume

  1. The problem is not so much the suit as the actor that’s in it. You can’t keep casting the same person for different super hero or villain roles. Ryan Reynolds is funny and does comedy well but is a hard sell as a serious actor. Sorry, he’ll never escape the Van Wilder typecast just as Chevy Chase was always a Clark Griswold type.

    Regardless of how good I want these movies to be, the only question in my mind is which will suck less, Thor or Green Lantern? I suppose I should be happy that they are just getting made but I’ll probably just wait for the dvd or on-demand…

  2. Stop being such a negative Nancy. Why would you want the new lantern to look exactly like the old one? And WTF did you expect them to do? Put Reynolds in green and black tights? Cmon dude it’s 2011. Have some imagination

  3. This looks incredibly stupid. It looks bad on a Batman & Robin level – especially in these posed shots with his super serious look. His head looks to big for the rest of his body & the mask is the worst part of the entire outfit. I have never read a Green Lantern comic & don’t care if the costume is different. It just looks goofy to me on every level. I keep thinking if someone like Ben Stiller were to make a spoof of GL – this is exactly what it would look like.

  4. Goodness sake Anthony, lighten up. The costume looks really good, I don’t think any rational Lantern fan expected them to stay completely close to the way Hal looked like in the comics.

    1. I just don’t like the redesign. I don’t like the “texture” they’ve given the GL uniforms nor do I like what the outfit looks like from the waist down. It looks alien but it just doesn’t look appropriate for GL in my eyes.

  5. What’s going on with the toes? Is he naked underneath that costume? If so, what happens to his earthly clothing when he changes? What happens to his shoes? If the ring converts his earthly clothing to his uniform, shouldn’t it be made of the same material? If the uniform is made of ring energy made manifest by Hal’s will, if Hal is knocked unconscious will be be lying there naked?

    Just a few questions that seeing those toes brought up. The new trailer did a lot toward helping put this film back on my radar so I’m on board. Like Anthony I’m a big fan of GL. Really like the work Geoff Johns and others have done with all the characters and mythos in the comics. Due to their ground breaking work we have a much expanded universe to play in movie wise with stuff like the Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night.

  6. I really love the look of the suits in animated movie GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT and they seem to have kept it for the new GL: EMERALD KNIGHTS coming out in june. It looks more like a battle armor and is also quite different (not as different as the one in this movie one of course) than the suit with the white gloves found in the comics but it still looks great, just different.

    As long as it doesn’t “look too CG” when it moves, I’m sure we’ll get used to it unless you are a GL purist, which I’m not. But there are legions of GL die-hard fans out there who may never accept the change.

    I still think it’s amazing (in a good way) that we get to see GL on the silver screen considering that the character has nowhere near the popularity of a Superman, Batman or Spider-Man for non-comics readers. A lot of them, I’m sure, are just unaware of who GL is.

    This property has HUGE potential for sequelsssss and spin-offs.
    I just hope everyone will find something to love about it. We’ll see soon enough.

    BTW: What the hell with the toes?? why do we have to see the toes??? It just looks weird. Because of the tone of green they chose, when I only look at the feet I almost see Hulk’s feet!!!!!!

  7. Obviously the costume changes over the course of the movie; because there are major differneces between these pics and what has been shown in the past, who knows the costume may in fact have another phase it evolves into near the end of the movie???

    Yes I can understand people’s reservations about the costume because it’s entirely CGI; but I also understand what the producers of this film were going for in regards to the look of things, that the costume is in fact nothing more than energy emitting from the ring, which envelops around it’s user, so of course it would be very alien in nature, I can get around that.

    The only thing that everyone wants is a good Green Lantern movie that isn’t over the top and outlandish and end up becoming another Batman & Robin disaster, that’s fine if there is some humor, but not make it so comical that it’s enough to make the audience vomit, hopefully Warner Bros releases a kick ass movie, only time will tell!!!

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