Alyson Hannigan joins American Reunion

The “How I met your mother” star is returning to her fluteroots and will be joining stars Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott and Eugene Levy to prepare to attend West Michigan High School’s 10 year reunion.

Source: Deadline

Alyson Hannigan has signed to reprise her role in American Reunion, the Universal film that brings back the cast of the raunchy American Pie franchise. Hannigan was the question mark among the original cast when stories about the sequel began popping up.

Hannigan’s popularity has risen a significant amount compared to other stars in the movie and she was one person that had yet to be confirmed to participate despite her being central to the synopsis of the story. That my friends is a “power move” as she’s probably in the best position to negotiate a nice take for this movie. Either way this news is very unsurprising and I’d, frankly, be more surprised if any of the original stars turned down an opportunity to join the reunion as I’m sure some are probably clamoring for the attention.

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7 thoughts on “Alyson Hannigan joins American Reunion

  1. Question, haven’t their been allready a lot of sequels for American pie, where do we stand here? ( I saw 1,2 and 3) then you had all those weird sequels no?

    1. This is technically the 7th movie in the franchise, but only the 4th movie to deal with the core group of characters of the first film, hence why people are referring to it as the 4th movie. The other movies are spinoffs with new characters in the same universe and have very little to do with the original film except for a few nods here and there.

  2. Fell for Alyson first time I saw her in Buffy. Always prefered her to Geller. Then she went all lesbian witch and….hey I still thought she rocked!! Then I saw American Pie and SHHHHWING!!! She’s always been beauty in my opinion!!!!

    I’ll be seeing American Pie “4” for sure!!

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