Les Grossman script is DONE

Les Grossman was one of the more popular characters to emerge from Tropic Thunder and somewhere along the line that popularity piqued into to an interest in developing a feature length film as a vehicle for the character. Today we find out the words are on paper and a script is ready.

Source: The Film Stage

…Bill Hader revealed to MTV at last night’s Comedy Awards that Bacall has completed the script, and he gave some quick impressions of what he knows.

While not an objective source to talk to (he not only appearing alongside Grossman in Tropic Thunder, but is friends with Bacall), he said that it’s been written and he was told “some really funny scenes from it.” He added that he only knows “the broad strokes,” but said that it will “be great.”

Great news for those looking forward to this movie. I am not one of them. I have to admit that I never actually finished watching Tropic Thunder as the movie kept putting me to sleep whenever I attempted to watch the film on DVD. The movie had a great cast and premise but it just kept boring the hell out of me emitting little to no laughter. The bit I do remember about Les Grossman was that he made me wonder if he was plucked out of a Grand Theft Auto video game and that’s about it really, so unless I see a clip from Tom Cruise that manages to make me laugh like he managed in the opening of “Austin Powers 3” then I can’t help but feel that this movie won’t ever make it to the radar.

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  1. I thought Tropic Thunder was funny as all hell. I don’t know what movie you were watching but RDJ as Osiris alone was worth the price of admission. Cruise was pretty funny too but I have some serious reservations about a movie just all about Grossman.

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