Fletch Remake Back On Track

It’s been off and on for quite some time now, but it seems that the Fletch remake is back on. Or, as it is being described ‘reboot” “re-imaginged”…re-ally. Monsters and Critics gives us the lowdown:

Warner Bros. has picked up the film rights to the Gregory McDonald 11-book “Fletch” mystery series in an attempt to reboot the popular 80s franchise. Anonymous Content’s Steve Golin and Michael Sugar are producing along with David List, the manager of McDonald’s estate.

No writer, director or lead actor is attached yet.

I mildly enjoyed the 1985 film, hated the sequel (which was not based off any of the Fletch novels, go figure) and, like most everyone else, was satisfied. Fletch, however, I feel is dated, and could not only use a remake–and if reimagining requires a different take on the character -I’m okay with it. I don’t know who would be cast, but so long as they don’t carbon copy Chase (like cast, say, Will Farrell) and make it a poor imitation.

Anyone interested?

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10 thoughts on “Fletch Remake Back On Track

  1. I don’t look at this as a re-make of an 80’s movie so much as an adaptation of a 70’s book series. They do need to update the character if it is to work in this time period, he was a little bit too misogynistic. Also the “master of disguise” aspect of the film was never present in the books and shouldn’t be integral to the character. I can’t think of anybody who could play this character now. Ten years ago I would have cast Mathew McConaughey.
    All in all I would love to see a new incarnation of Fletch. One that was closer to the books, not a straight out comedy for silly sakes but a mystery first with comedic moments.

  2. enough with Carrell in every movie lately, the guy’s NOT funny. 40 yr old Virgin asisde (funny cause of his surrounding talent)what has he made that warrants soooo much love?(dont watch the office-saw the original series and that was enough for me). Dinner w/ this Schmuck was painfull to sit thru for christ’s sakes.

    enough of that (sorry)

    Fletch…….. Really?
    the first was O.K. at best cause of Chevy Chase, but the character does nothing for me.

    just sayin’

    1. reprise: Carrell’s being not funny in lead roles, he tolerable in bit roles (anchorman-lil’ miss sunshine) BUT as a lead, he cant carry a film alone.

      just like Jeremy Piven (Alot more talented IMO) he wears out at about the 1 hour point when he takes the lead.

      just sayin

      1. And if they were to remake Ferris Bueller, how would you feel? Just leave the original alone; it stands by itself. I agree the 80s had awesome movies, just leave them as they are, great movies.

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