Archie film Adaptation is GRITTY!

Check out this trailer illustrating what would happen if they decided to adapt Archie comics into a live action. Because what would an adaptation of a feelgood squeaky clean comic book be in this day and age without making it “gritty”.

That was pretty great, and sad to say it would make a good movie. Well it already was a great movie, or rather about a dozen of them.

Funny. I never thought Jughead was gay. Hmmmm….


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4 thoughts on “Archie film Adaptation is GRITTY!

  1. Man Jughead is not gay, that’s bull!!!
    I’m offended, he’s just a pot head! Just because he always focus on food cause you know why, doesn’t mean he’s gay!

    I love the trailer except the whole gay thing and little bit too serious with everyone, they could’ve made a little comedy in there,

    But kinda like it though!

  2. Cant see video but I’s Loves me some Betty and Veronica!

    this should get made.

    Kim Kardashian as Veronica and………..Reese Witherspoon as Betty!

    a man can dream right?

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