Wahlberg is game for Uncharted

Despite incessant requests from the internetz for Nathan Fillion to fill the role, Moviehole is reporting that actor Mark Wahlberg is confirmed for the lead role in the movie adaptation of Sony’s popular ‘Uncharted’ game franchise. This would be some celebratory news alone, but there’s more!

”David O’Russell is writing right now and hopes to direct”, Wahlberg says. “It’s myself, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro”.

I was never married to the idea of Fillion playing the role of Nathan Drake and still fee like the role could be filled by someone else aside from Wahlberg but the additional news of Pesci and De Niro are some great additions if true.

I’ve played both Uncharted games and I’m really looking forward to the recently announced 3rd game in the franchise “Uncharted: Drake’s Deception” that sent the internet into a flurry when premiered during the video game awards. I love the idea of Pesci and De Niro working together again and my gut tells me that one of them will be cast as Sully but I just can’t settle on “Which one would make the better Sully”?

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16 thoughts on “Wahlberg is game for Uncharted

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  2. I get your points now. Happens all the time in Hollywood as more often than not these movies mainly draw inspiration from the games they’re being adapted from rather than trying to make a direct translation into another medium. Happens all the time with comic book movies with mixed results.

    Spider-Man and X-men had some huge changes that the internetz in an uproar, (biological webbing in Spidey and different costumes/origins in x-men), that didn’t always produce bad movies. I think it’s safer to expect movie adaptations to be a departure from their source material and better to reserve judgment with the final product. We may be pleasantly surprised!

  3. Who is Sunny? You played both games and don’t know his name is Victor Sullivan/Sully. This whole idea smells so bad! I have seen just about every movie all of these actors have been in and to say that they can pull off something close to the source material is absurd in “my” opinion. To make this adaptation work they would have to rewrite everything and then at that point what is the sense of using Uncharted in the Title because it will not resemble the iconic Naughty Dog product at all. I will hold out hope for something “decent” but this franchise has been created so well that it deserves something more than decent.

    1. Wow, you’ve seen every Wahlberg, De Niro, and Pesci movie and don’t think they can pull off an adventure flick? Seriously? I think ANY of their filmographies show how diverse they can be. Absurd is a bit harsh.

      thanks for the ‘Sully’ fix!

      1. I don’t know Anthony…De Niro pretty much plays De Niro (except for maybe in The Mission) and Pesci always plays Pesci. Even in Meet the Parents Focker or what ever De Niro is still De Niro. I would think De Niro would play Sully but I keep hearing the voice actor in the game and I don’t think De Niro could pull that off. De Niro could pull off the look though. I don’t know who Pesci would play maybe a bad guy or something. Walhberg is not Drake end of story.

      2. knossis makes my point, i never said they couldn’t do an adventure movie. I was saying that they couldn’t portray these characters the way the source material presents them. I said that it would be somthing else etirely and don’t see a point in calling it Uncharted when it will be a completely different movie. DiNero plays DiNero and Pesci is always Pesci.

    2. Damn! You’re right. I even wrote “Sonny” in my reply and I too played both games and known his name is Sully. I do have a Uncle Sonny which Sully reminds me of so maybe that’s why I didn’t catch it. Good Eye’s though.

  4. I think this info was actually debunked quite a while back. Even David O’ Russell said that all the info was actually false. Unless Wahlberg is suddenly reconfirming it (which I doubt), because these were the same words that came from him before. Still, the recurring info is telling me not to hold my breath.

    1. Yeah, I agree it really doesn’t need to be adapted. We’ve had some many bad movies based on games and bad games based off of movies. We should just give up trying to connect the two.

      1. Why “shouldn’t” it be adapted? Because you assume it will not work well?

        Maybe we shouldn’t adapt superhero comics to films. There are a lot of those that don’t work well…. until they do.

        There is nothing that SHOULDNT be adapted to a movie. Anything that is done right could be a very entertaining and worthwhile film, and we wont know that until its over.

      2. In my opinion comic books and video games are different source materials. Comic books are a story driven media were video games are gameplay driven. Comics lend themselves well to being adapted to movies because they are character and story driven just as movies are. There are games that have some great story elements (not that many though)but the story isn’t the focus the gameplay is. When most studio’s acquire rights to a game they have to try and built up not only the story but the character’s as well. Usually all they have to work with are small bio’s highlighting attributes and what not. Street Fighter, Tekken, Doom, Mortal combat and Tomb Raider come to mind here. Comics have years of source material and character development to pull from. Games often have an original and a sequel or two. Great movies are made from great source material that lends itself well to the movie model (character, story etc). Games just don’t do this that well because story generally is not the focus, gameplay is.

  5. None of these guys fit the roles of characters in the game. Fillion is the closest and that’s who I’d rather see. Neither De niro or Pesci fit for Sonny. I like what I see of Walberg in The Fighter I think he’s grown alot as an actor. He just doesn’t sound like or fit the part of Drake.

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