Last of ‘Ozzie & Harriet’ dies; David Nelson, 74

David Nelson, the oldest son of television icon family the Nelsons, passed away from cancer on January 11 at the age of 74. For over 450 episodes and 14 years, “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” dominated the sitcom world. Beginning on the radio in the 1940s, and moving in 1952 to ABC television until 1966, the show chronicled the life of the Nelson family: Father and actor/bandleader Ozzie, mother Harriet, youngest son (and teen idol) Ricky, and oldest son David. David began directing episodes of the series, and eventually followed a career as director and producer, with acting becoming a side profession (he was Traci Lord’s character’s father in 1990’s Cry Baby with Johnny Depp).

The New York Daily News remembers:

His acting credits included movies roles between 1957 and 1965 in films such as “Peyton Place,” “The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker,” and “The Big Circus,” in which he won critical acclaim as a homicidal trapeze artist, according to a biography released by his publicist. He also acted in “Day of the Outlaw,” “-30-,” “The Big Show,” “Love and Kisses,” “Hondo” and “Swing Out.” He co-starred with his mother in the 1976 film “Smash-Up on Interstate 5.”

Though Ozzie died a year after I was born, when I was a kid, the Disney Channel showed The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet in reruns during lunch time. I remember how classic and simple the show was, along with its wholesome humor that always left me feeling very happy. I remember when Ricky was killed in a plane crash in 1985, and when Harriet passed in 1994. This family was iconic to Hollywood television, and it is sad to see the last of them move on.

Does anyone else remember seeing this show in reruns?

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