Jennifer Aniston Regrets Bad Films

Actress Jennifer Aniston has had several film duds, both in box office and with critics. She’s owning up to them, but I am a tad bit skeptical.

The nice folks over at Monsters and Critics reveal:

Talking about the new movie [ Just Go With It with Adam Sandler] she says: ‘I was ready to be silly and go with a full-out comedy, and it was the first time I felt truly sure about what I was walking into. Because the last couple of movies I wasn’t completely sure, and I should have probably trusted my gut. For whatever reason, they all happen the way they’re supposed to.’

Don’t read me wrong I root for Jen. She *is* a good actress. There was once a time when she was fine in films that were flops but gained loyal followings (can never fault her for ‘Office Space’), and films that are hits where she is second fiddle house pets (‘Marley & Me’)…and films where I think she is outstanding, but I’m the only nutjob in the theater (‘Derailed’) but after last year’s atrocious ‘Bounty Hunter’, I can’t defend her as much as I used to. This pretty much seals it.

She’s promoting her new film- which stars Adam Sandler. It’s also a “rom com”- a genre that Aniston should excel at but rarely does, at least not with most audiences. So I’m sort of puzzled why she didn’t trust her gut this time around. Adam Sandler is good when he’s on restraint. (Click, Wedding Singer, the drama Reign Over Me) but if Sandler gets out of hand with the bathroom humor like every other film he does…? It’s too late and the film is in the can, waiting for release, but this reeks of cotton candy fluff.

I wonder…is this the reason folks skip most of her films? I try not to, but this time I will.

What’s your take int’l …em… “friends”?

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12 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston Regrets Bad Films

  1. There’s one thing about Anniston… “Rachel”. Yes, that characters is deep embedded in her, she literally just Rachel in almost all of her flicks. Basicall, she is an “actress” but one dimensional actress that is. That’s why she is always starring in “rom-com’ movie type. She can’t do action heroiness type, nor deep or periods drama, not even horror (yes she is once in horror, predate “friends” era” heck, she even never been cast in comic book or sci-fi movies.

  2. At best, I thought Aniston was watchable, but regardless, for me she is a horrible actress. I don’t know why they keep putting her into movies, it’s not like she’s a huge draw.

  3. Her movies tank because she is so ANNOYING!!!!! How can someone be that hot and still can’t keep a guy in her life? They all leave her. She must be one Hell of a BITCH!! behind closed doors.

    1. Who cares what she is like in real life? Will any of us ever actually become a part of her life? Probably not. This is why I try not to care what actors are like in reality. That way their characters are all I care about.

      Her acting style is often quirky, goofy, sort of sad on the inside clown trying to ooze out. Which makes people uncomfortable. I think that is why her movies flop. She is extremely likeable on film, but there is also something sad about her that I think people just don’t want to see when watching a romcom.

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