Full View of New Spider-Man Suit

UPDATED: Slightly better image

Yesterdays blurry video may have shown you the full spidey suit in action, but the picture wasn’t exactly clear. I stumbled across this decent res image of the suit just a little while ago and had to show you guys. It shows a bit more detail in the suit we didn’t really get to see before. Hey, just check it out, then we’ll talk!

It looks kinda cool to me, modernized. We’ve never really seen a Hollywood-ised Spidey suit before (Tobey Maguire’s suit was essentially the exact same as the comics). You can see the webshooters clearer now compared to the original pic, and the metal on the boots is probably just for the stunt man. I’m not overly fond of the tiny eyes, ’cause I was hoping they would use bigger comic style ones, but I suppose they wouldn’t be practical…

So, moviebloggers, now that you’ve seen the whole suit, what do you think?

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29 thoughts on “Full View of New Spider-Man Suit

  1. He looks like the Spider Man on The Electric Company back in the day (yeah I just dated myself). Not thrilled with it but I’m going to reserve actual judgment after I’ve seen the movie.

  2. it’s way to early to derive the final look from this. There sure will be a lot of adjustments, otherwise they would have released lot more official photos showing the mask.

  3. I think the only way to play out the whole web-shooter thing is to have Peter steal the tech from Oscorp. Have Peter visit or be studying (with Dr. Conner) at Oscorp and get bitten by the spider there. Then breaking back in (after disovering his powers) and finding out whats happend to him (Radioactive spider bite etc.).
    While there he spots the experimental web-shooters and steals/borrows the prototypes, files and designs. Simplifing the design and web-like fluid using chemicals from the school lab (He is a science wiz after all)!

    You could also play in Conner getting fired for stealing the shooters and going into a depression resulting in the whole Lizard thing!!!

    If any body thinks this sounds a little far-fetched…….your right!!! However it sounds a whole lot better (to me) than Peter creating the shooters and bio-degradable, stronger than steel fluid in his garden

    If this is infact the plot (Which I doubt) I stand in awe of the sheer balls of the writers and a little scared at the possibility of being a long-range mind reader.

    1. Sorry I can’t see any version that makes Peter Parker a thief making any sense.

      The one ability he had long before he became Spiderman is that he is a gifted scientist and there is no reason to try and take that away from the character. It is foremost what put him in the “nerd” crowd to begin with.

      Superhero comics are filled with implausible gadgets and technology. Stop thinking this guy attends the highschool up the road. The reason he is hero is that he is exceptional and it all plays into who he is as a character first and hero second.

      1. I thought the reason everyone loved Peter/Spidey is because he is the everyman (Not exceptional). The neardy guy that can become a hero and save the day. Surly that needs to ground the character from his comic book routes a little.

        Sure he’s the poster boy for the science club, but a guy with the ability to create a weapon like a Web-shooter and fluid would not be in a school for the average person. Certainly not a school where a guy like Flash Thompson attends. It just doesn’t work!

        I can totally see where your coming from about the implausability of the comic world and gadgets etc., but Batman gets his gear from the weapons devision of his own company! Where the hell would a high school student (Even an exceptional one) get access to the chemicals (existing or not) to create “Web-fluid”? He’s not Bruce wayne, nor Tony Stark!!

      2. F’n A! The Spidey I grew up with made the web shooters cause he was a brilliant young man and by becoming Spider-man he was exceptional against all odds.

  4. With as many reincarnations on Spideys suit(comics) over many years, this isn’t the worst one to come out, it has an Ultimate vibe/Scarlet Spider feel to it.

    BUT it does kinda look like those 3.75 scale mini action figures out now-a-days, those figures suck cause they break apart too easy.

    Not hatin’

    Go Spidey!

  5. Theres something going on in comic book movies now!! Has anyone noticed that the costumes are reverting back to the campy looking outfits from early TV and movie incarnations. In 2000 X-men came along and redesigned the costumes for a more practicle world. Then Spider-man arrived, which was a little more out there (Story wise) and we accepted it. Hoever slowly the movies have been reverting back to the whole man in a rubber or spandex suit thing. The suit has the 1970’s written all over it.

    Raimi did everything right: He got rid of the web shooters, kept the costumes, updated the Green goblin and packed in the action. It worked beacause it was great fantasy grounded just enough in reality. By adding things like the web-shooters it takes it a step too far. Simply put I can see a teenage boy being good at sewing (Even if the material is a little spacy) rather that bing a grade-A weapons designer and chemist. The new spidey is for the Justin Beiber generation, but because of that it will probably make a killing at the box office!!!!

      1. I think it’s a bad idea to revert back to Parker inventing the web shooters. Sure, it’s part of the original comic book, but I don’t think it really transitions well into a movie. A high school kid making these web shooters? I thought the move Raimi decided to change that was brilliant. Having said that, I’m only speculating as I haven’t seen the film so I don’t know how well they’re going to approach this. I dislike this the same way I hated Iron Man 2 in that he creates a new element. I thought it was just plain dumb.

  6. you know, I’m not really fond of the new suit. I’m not really fond of reboots in general. But when looking at any big screen iteration of comic characters one thought always gives me solace….It cant be worse than Dragonball Evolution.

  7. This is the stunt suit, for what its worth, and I’m hearing there will be CG adjustments made to it such as the “running shoe” soles and the red eyes…

    I think it will end up being fine.

  8. I, too, don’t like the “tiny eyes.” I couldn’t place what was wrong with the costume until you pointed that out. It gave me bad flashbacks of the tv show.

  9. nope i dont like one bit… the old saying is “what may look good on tv may not look good on the big screen”. Maybe thats ment for cartoons then live action i dont know. im use to seeing spider-man in the suite everybody knows and loves, but this for me is not ok, (looks way to skinny) thats my opinion and im sticking to it. i even like the new suit marvel made for him for civil war. That costum was great i would have loved to see if the studio would have used the civil war costum, but we shall see.

    1. But they couldn’t really use it again. They made the decision to reboot the franchise only a few years after the last one, so naturally to make their version stand out, it had to have a different suit, a different aesthetic.
      Perhaps it’l grow on you?

      1. I really don’t agree. Where’s it law that in a reboot you have to change the suit. A reboot isn’t about the suit, it’s a new take on the character or a retelling of a story. In comic some of the worst creative mistakes ever made are ones where publishers try and create interest in a character and the only thing they can come up with is a comestic change of some sorts. From a blue faced lighting powered Superman to an armored Captain America or Spidey, in the end they all sucked. As for the “Modernized” look of the costume, it doesn’t work for me. It’s too busy, too much stuff going on and none of it has a natural flow to it.

        Superhero costumes can never be outdated because there has never been a period in history where the general public have dressed in that manner. If anything the original costumes are always ahead of the curve in look and design so there can’t really be a modernization of the costume. Maybe just different interpretations of the original, which this is. I just don’t think it’s a very good one.

      1. I like Spiderman as a superhero but didn’t like the style of the last three. I didn’t like Tobey nor did I like Mary Jane. I thought they were very bland and poorly acted. The movies were childishly written and seemed too Hollywoodish and dumb. Unlike the new Batmans, X-Men, Iron Mans, etc… I only say this to frame my overal perspective.

        Having said that, I did actually like the previous Spiderman suit more than this one. We aren’t getting that much to see yet. Maybe it will grow on me if the moive is good. Just from the little we have seen so far, the older one does seem to capture Spiderman’s image very well.

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